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EXCLUSIVE: THE EVIL DEAD 'Sinister Cheryl' Latex Collectible Bust - Must See To Believe!

Groovy Ok now that I got that out of my system we can move on. The Evil Dead is one of our favorite movies and if you're a red blooded horror freak (Bidites everywhere) chances are it ranks high on your list as well. If that is the case get ready to strap on your boomstick and chainsaw because we have a little treat you will want to see.

HorrorBid member Michael Sharrow receieved this latex bust (mask) in the mail of Cheryl from The Evil Dead series. This piece pictured below was the original degn created by Chris Kuneman. The sculpt is terrific but Mike just wasn't as happy with the paint as he had hoped for so he sent it off to get the proper attention it deserved. That's were the uber talented Monte Ward (MonteWard2009) came in and breathed new life into this project. He repainted and haired the piece as well as added acrylic teeth to top it off. This is a piece Bruce Campbell himself would be proud of.

The pictures speak for themselves.

And for fun here is Cheryl in the busting out of the fruit cellar from Evil Dead...

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