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This article is for all of you rabid horror collectors out there in the "Bidite Nation". We have pretty much every topic here on HorrorBid covered on a daily bas, or at least we try. From news stories to reviews and all that is in between but one thing we would love to see more of is horror collections, collectibles, costumes masks, figures, movies and anything that shows your love of horror and the pason you have for collecting.

What are we looking for you ask? Anything and everything that you have horror collectible wise. We will give you the most vibility on the net when it comes to showing off your hobby of collecting. All we ask from you is to post a paragraph or two about your collectible that you are showing off. Post images and or videos of said collectibles in the horror collectibles section of our forum and we will take care of the rest. We will then promote your topics to the main page of HorrorBid for the entire horror community to see.

What exactly are we looking for?

Step 1: Write a descriptive topic describing your collectible.

Step 2: Write a paragraph or two about what your collectible entails. How did you obtain it? Is it custom? Is it rare? What went into getting you into collecting and how much do you love what you are showing off? It's that mple.

Step 3: Post as many pictures as you like. Center the images ung the center button when making a post. Use a hosting te like Photobucket,, or any other hosting te you like. You can even reze the images if needed through these hosting tes.

Step 4: Upload a YouTube video if you like or don't, this would be optional. But the world would love to see videos we are confident. So if you go the extra step I am sure we will all enjoy it.

Step 5: Once your post is up all you need to do is wait for one of our moderators to view your post and promote it to the front page of HorrorBid. If you normally post on other forums or tes, share those same posts with us. We will show off all your hard work and money spent as best we can. "Bidites" love collecting and we are confident your collectibles will be appreciate by all.


We want to keep a steady stream of really cool collectibles on HorrorBid from now on. So don't feel the need to crowd a post with tons of your stuff. Pepper away with your collection pics and really focus on 1 item at a time if need be. We have nothing but time on our des.

Thanks so much and if you would like an example of a previous post to get the structure of what we are looking for as far as how the titles should be patterned, images should be centered and an example paragraph


Horror Domain - Cursed Evil Overlord Tuesday 2/28/2012 at 01:26 AM | 90865
KEYMASTER's Custom "Killer-Mutant-Zombie-Baby" + "Mutant Baby Killing Sargent Costume" EPIC

Here are a few more pics from Halloween 2k11 featuring the custom mutant baby attached




"> Custom mutant baby created by me! mutant baby custom pic 2 mutant baby custom pic 3 mutant baby custom pic 4

my brother as Wacko-Jacko, epic! In all honesty, the custom baby was pretty easy to make. In total it took me about 3 hours to customize a regular, crappy baby doll that i found at the local goodwill for like $1.50. The hideous looking mouth was just a carved out section of the baby's face which was filled in with molding foam. the razor teeth were all just broken off plastic fork tips that were super glued in all kinds of jagged directions to make it look really nister and mutated. The rest of the time was filled with the paint which was just a bland mix of grey and puke green acrylic paint colors to give it a dead skin tone. then i bacally just painted the eyes pure black and dabbled fake blood and yellow food coloring (piss) all over his little nighty. Outcome = Absolutely wretched! -After Halloween i officially added the evil mutant baby to my horror shelf with the rest of my nister stuff. As you can see he is wearing the dog tags from the Sarge costume, implying that the epic, mutant zombie baby fighting Sargent is in fact dead.

Here is a short youtube video which is the first of a 4-part movie review of the absolutely awful shit-bomb 'Population 436' which ended up being one of our 7 Bonus films for our OCTOBRE': 31 DAYS OF DEATH 2011 horror movie marathon. I will post up parts 2-4 in the next week.

**Check it out, the Sarge finds a dvd copy of the wretched 'Population 436' growing in a satanic, mutated garden!!
keymaster728 Tuesday 2/28/2012 at 06:43 PM | 90889
its been a verrrrrrrrry long time nce I've posted collection photos and it's grown alot nce... Lots of new goodies to show off... Guess i'd better get some fresh photos and stick'em up...

as for the mutant baby... I'm almost inspired by it to make a veron for myself. Very cool dude!

Harry Warden Saturday 3/10/2012 at 09:34 AM | 91306