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The Most Violent Horror Comic Book Ever? An In-Depth Look at CROSSED So a guy walks into a diner holding a spine. That's not a joke. There’s no punchline. He drops it on the counter, bites the cooks nose off, and the whole world goes out of it’s fu%king mind. The streets are a maelstrom. It happened too fast for anyone to get a handle on it. It was too brutal & too unexpected. A plague that turns it’s infected into raging rapeaholic, mass-murderers washed over the world.

Parents killing their children, lovers raping... everyone around them. No explanation. Too late for one anyway. Everyone's dead, infected, hiding, or on the run. The infected are easy to spot with their obvious crossed-shaped facial rashes and self-mutilation. The nudity is usually a dead-giveaway as well. They are vicious & they are smart. Nothing like mindless, motionless zombies. They can think. They can hunt. They are infinitely more ruthless. Stan was just a college kid when it started. As the bodies fell from theplanes above. As the planes themselves crashed into the cities. As the infected, noseless, cook ran into the streets, stabbed Jim, and fucked the hole he carved in his back. Stan stood around & watched in horror.... a helpless spectator as mankind crashed and burned. The world didn't end with a whisper, or a boom. It ended in the screams of the innocent as humanity was engulfed in it's most primal, violent urges. Cindy saved Stan's life that day. She didn't skip a beat. She knew the only way to stay alive, to keep her son Patrick alive, was to maintain a rational, heartless composure. She saved a lot of folks that first day, and together they made their way north; tracked by a relentless group of the Crossed led by Horsecock, Stumpy, & Face, that have been pursuing them nce they first encountered. This is the story of how survival in a world full of monsters, is to become one yourself. It's hands down the most pull-no-punches, no-holds-barred, endless massacre of a comic ever committed to paper. I'm not sure I can even think of a comic HALF as vicious as this one. Not very character driven, I will say that. They do have their complexities though. A variety of mindsets are present; the martyr, the knave, the naive, the guardian, etc. None are fully explored, but for fu%k’s sake with all the gore, and palpable tenon you won’t have time to notice. It's pure entertainment soaking in a bloodbath ung baby heads as rubber duckies. It's unlike anything you will ever pick up at your local comic shop. Unlike anything you will ever pick up pretty much anywhere. I will warn you there is more kid-death than I have ever seen in a comic, a movie, or an exploding elementary school. You will not believe what you are seeing. No one can write like Ennis. The man has no problem breaking taboos like florescent light-bulbs over old women’s heads. There is no denying he is a master of the craft. In a league all his own. And Burrows definitely has no problem sketching out every horse-cock beating moment. His penciling is perfect. He captures every detail. Every action. Every emotion like a skilled tactician. I am happy that David Lapham picked up Crossed, which continues the saga with Crossed: Family Values (Tpb sometime I don't know when) and Crossed 3-D (July 2011). And I couldn't believe my ears when I heard it was optioned for a movie. Don't know if it's true yet. But if it is, there is no way they can contain this kind of brutality on the lver screen. Splatterpunk has finally come to my favorite medium. I just hope it sticks around.

There is no love, there is only hate. There is no happiness, there is only survival. There is no rescue team, there is only The Crossed.

Written by HorrorBid columnist: Krystal
Shakelford, J. Rusty Saturday 3/10/2012 at 12:03 AM | 91279