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FIRST LOOK: NECA's Battle Damaged "RoboCop" Figure

From comes a look at NECA's killer new "Battle Damaged Robocop" figure, another that is going on my shelf. If NECA keeps this up I'm going to be broke. Check it out below.

Hitting retail in May comes everyone's favorite crime fighting cyborg - RoboCop - only this time he's worse for the wear. Featuring battle damage as seen after his epic fight with ED-209, this new RoboCop figure from NECA comes pitted, scarred and bruised, unlike the pristine original released earlier this year. Like the first RoboCop, this veron includes tons of amazing articulation points, including a ball-jointed head, shoulders, thighs, even two joints in his torso (swivel waist and a rocker in the chest)! Packing his faithfully scaled Auto 9 machine pistol, RoboCop also includes an alternate Data Spike hand for accesng important information or mply putting down the bad guys. A great variant release, Battle Damaged RoboCop is perfect for those that missed the original and a must-have for those looking to complete their RoboCop collections.

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Shakelford, J. Rusty Wednesday 4/25/2012 at 04:22 PM | 92733