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NECA Adds New Character To "Prometheus" Figure Series

From comes new word on a NECA excluve figure and spoilers for those of you that haven't seen the film yet.

NECA has twittered a sneak peek at a new, yet to be announced 7-inch Prometheus figure: an infected (undead?) Fifiled. Whatever happened to the poor guy in the movie, he was one of the cooler characters and it's great to see NECA release him as part of the line.

Work In Progress - Early Clay Prototype

NECA's Prometheus series looks like this so far:

SERIES 1 (September 2012 Release)

- Engineer in Pressure Suit

- Engineer in Chair Suit

TOYS"R"US EXCLUVE 2-PACK (November 2012)

- Battle Damaged Engineer - Trilobite

SERIES 2 (November 2012)

- Android David (Space Suit w/ Helmet) - Infected Charlie Holloway (Space Suit w/ Helmet) - Posbly One More To Be Announced


- Deacan Creature Pack (to include the "proto-alien", Hammerpedes, and a bonus severed Engineer head with removable helmet)

SERIES 3 (2013)

- Elizabeth Shaw (with Decapitated David head) - Meredith Vickers - Infected FifiledAnd that spoiler alert? Go see the movie already!
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