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Underworld Death Dealers Gun Replicas and Selene Statue

Some more items from Hollywood Collectibles. They are producing a few new items from the Underworld film series.

UNDERWORLD: HCG EXCLUVE 1:4 SCALE SELENE STATUE Scale: 1/4 Scale - 24" Tall Price: $329.95 Edition ze: 350 pieces worldwide Release Date: 1st Quarter 2013

A war has been raging between Vampires and Werewolves for centuries. Selene is a Vampire – a Death Dealer, sworn to hunt down and eradicate the remaining Lycan.

From the blockbuster movie Underworld, we are delighted to present this incredibly realistic statue of Selene, as portrayed wonderfully by Kate Beckinsale. Selene is depicted standing high above the city, poised for action with her pistols in hand, looking intensely for any Lycan activity below.

Featuring for the first time ever an officially licensed and approved likeness of Kate Beckinsale in character as the Death Dealer Vampire Selene, this intricately detailed 1:4 scale statue stands an impresve 24” tall! As with all Hollywood Collectibles pieces, this museum quality statue is constructed from heavyweight polystone, then individually hand painted to the finest detail, and comes complete with a movie themed display base.

The HCG Excluve veron of Selene also comes complete with a 18" x 12" high quality print of the original artwork the statue is based on, and a matching “UNDERWORLD” nameplate - complete with Lycan heads! A regular edition is also available -click here.

Limited to just 350 pieces worldwide!

UNDERWORLD: SELENE'S DEATH DEALER PISTOLS Scale: 1:1 Scale - 13" W x 9" H Approx. Price: $199.95 Edition ze: 750 pieces worldwide Release Date: Estimated 3rd Quarter 2012 (not yet released)

A secret war has been raging between the Vampires and Lycans for centuries. Selene is a Death Dealer, a Vampire sworn to hunt down and destroy the last of the Lycans.

These Officially Licensed Death Dealer pistols are exact replicas of the ones carried by Selene in the original Underworld movie, complete with Vampire glyph's on the handles. The set comprises two Death Dealer pistols on an Underworld themed display base.

This incredible prop replica is constructed from solid heavyweight polystone and then hand painted to the finest detail. There is no HCG Excluve veron of this piece. However if you prefer low serial numbers, we are reserving #1 to #100 for retail customers only. So the first 100 retail orders will receive the derable low edition numbers!

Limited to just 750 pieces worldwide!

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