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Check Out The Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon Large Vinyl Figure!!

The Walking Dead vinyl figures that Funko has put out have been a big hit with fans. Daryl Dixon being one of the more popular items available. Only a handful of the Funko’s vinyl figures have received this large scale treatment. It is now revealed that Funko will release a 9-inch veron of their Daryl Dixon figure:" class="photoborder" />

“Live and direct from The Walking Dead TV series comes this amazing vinyl figure of protagonist Daryl Dixon! The Walking Dead TV Series Daryl Dixon 9-Inch Pop! Vinyl Figure features the fan-favorite character from the gruesome AMC show rendered in the awesome stylized Pop! Vinyl format. Looking exactly like the regular zed veron of the Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Pop! Vinyl Figure (sold separately), only just about 3x as large! Fans of The Walking Dead TV show will not want to miss out on this amazing huge Pop! Vinyl figure of Daryl Dixon.”

The Walking Dead TV Series Daryl Dixon 9-Inch Pop! Vinyl Figure:The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon as a huge Pop! Vinyl Figure! Just like the 3 3/4-inch tall veron, but nearly 3x as large. Measures a whopping 9-inches tall!

The Daryl Dixon vinyl figure will be available in August and is priced at $39.99.

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