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JAWS Week: The Video Games

July 4th is almost here... the Skeleton Crew JAWS Retrospective is on it's way! Until then lets celebrate this amazing franchise... well uh.... movie or two... with a few things leading up to the day Brody closes Amity Beach!

This time its the video game! Didnt know they made any? Even better, remember playing them? Either way here are some great videos to keep you entertained till the JAWS Retrospective drops. Think of this as chum in the water till you get to nk your teeth into people who are WAY too old to have children.

You may not march your family into shark infested waters just because the asshole Mayor asks you to or knock a kid off a raft and steal it as you paddle your sorry ass out of the ocean... but you wont wanna miss these JAWS Video game reviews!

The greatest video game reviewer of all time the Angry Video Game Nerd hits all the Spielberg games in this review.

He starts it off with JAWS...

Lets take a look at the Irate Gamers point of view on the NES game

Check out this amazing game play footage of JAWS Unleashed for PS2

Hope you enjoyed the videos! Besure to come back on the 4th for the Ultimate JAWS experience

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