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YEAR END REVIEW (bye bye 2008)

Guys I just wanted to take a moment and really thank everyone for being here. The forum is officially 1 year old today and it really got my thinking about how far we have come in such a short period of time. From the beginning I knew we had something special, we had a great core group of members that believed in us from day one. You guys know who you are. Without your help we would not be half what we are today. And for that I thank each and everyone of you.

I want to give a big thanks to my best friend in the world Joel Fenner, brother you will never know how much I appreciate you. Lee Lambert your one of my best friends and I am so glad to know you. Scott from QOTS you make me laugh every time I talk with you, your knowledge of masks and your work with stands and cases are second to none. Patrick I am so glad to call you a friend and now a MOD you deserve everything you get bud. Bisco your like a brother to me, I am always here for ya. Andrew you have been fantastic and I can't say enough about you work, just amazing. Matt Mayhem we bonded from our first phone conversation, I am glad to see you around more now. Zephro what can I say, you know your shit man and I am happy to call you my friend.

To all the members, you guys have made this so fun for me and without you guys this place would not be what it is. I wish I could personally name each and everyone of you but you all have been fantastic. Casey Carty, Sam McCain (I love ya and hate ya sometimesbut I am honored to have you here), DarkArtist81, Bob from F'd Up Stuff, Tom, Lewis, Mike, Ghoul, Chris, Ryan, Luckmann, Des, Snoballz, Dren, Chaos, strangerathome, Misfit, Seth, Zwillly, Count Dragula, kaizu, DEUSEXMACHINA222, krueger4653, Condemned, Swimming in blood, the list goes on and on and sorry for those that are not mentioned here, that doesn't mean I don't appreciate you being here each and every day and all you do.

You have truly made my dreams come true and to think of the way the te was a short year ago to the way it is now is just flat out amazing. 2009 is going to be a big year for all of us and we want you guys to know that we appreciate any suggestions you have on how to make this place even better. We truly have the greatest collection of members out there and I hope to add hundreds if not thousands of more for 2009.

We may not always agree on everything but I conder each one of you family. Last but not least, Tommy Thompson. What can I say man. I didn't know how to take you the first time I meet you, you have such a menacing look about you but you truly are one of the kindest heated people I know. I feel honored to call you my brother!

A million thanks to all of you guys, and here is a drink to 2009! Bring it on....

Horror Domain - Cursed Evil Overlord Friday 1/02/2009 at 05:57 AM | 30559
amen to that

Nice words Booman! Thanks for having me around
kaizu Friday 1/02/2009 at 06:04 AM | 30563
Wow... what a year to look back on. A lot has happened, a lot has changed... but the good things have stayed the same. Justin, I can't tell you in words how much this place means to me. It's really a second home, and you guys are all family. It's good to still be here, and I'm thankful for having all of you around me.
Myers31TKD Friday 1/02/2009 at 07:02 AM | 30574
thanks justin for a awesome te. really look forward to horrorbid in 09seth
halloween killer Friday 1/02/2009 at 07:30 AM | 30576
Great post Justin!

I am very glad to be here also.

I will be here for a long time!

Evildsm Friday 1/02/2009 at 07:37 AM | 30577
thanks a lot Justin

i cant believe its been a year already so much has happened to me the last year and you guys stuck with me when i was down and out and will NEVER forget it!

i was honored to be asked to put items up for the charity raffle and then part time mod status, thanks for making me a full mod

Justin and Joel you guys have been great and thanks for putting this together

Des i love you hun!

Lee you are my brother from another mother

Sam you are a good friend and need to get online with us more often (ya i know youre a busy man but i miss all out drunken chats on monday nights!)

Ryan you are a crazy bitch Matthew and Patrick i dont know you guys very well but you have been nothing but cool to me from the beginning

Casey we need to go to the bar again and im glad to call you a real life friend as well!!!

Scott you rock my friend!

anyone else im misng im sorry but you all have made me feel welcome here
Johnny Bisco Friday 1/02/2009 at 07:48 AM | 30578
Des i love you hun!

Aww...right back at ya hun :)

It's funny how fast a year flies by, it's over before you even know what the hell 2008 was a trantional year for me for alot of reasons, well I won't bore you with the personal ones but it was the year I went from loving and admiring horror from afar to loving and admiring it up close sort a speak. I joined horrorbid and it all went down hill from j/ Seriously though I joined a great and contrary to what anyone may say a very addicting forum. Justin and Joel you guys are awesome for giving us horror attics a place to feel at home. For all of us that catch flack over this hobbby it is nice to have a place like this where everyone shares the same pason. It's kind of like remember that show I used to watch it all the time. A big part of that is everyone else too for helping to keep this place like that cause in the end it really is a group effort. I am so happy and thankful to have met you all and even though to do it individually would take too long and I would probably get fired cause I'm not supposed to be playing online at I will say it is a pleasure to know all of you and I do hope to actually get the chance meet at least some of you in person someday. Here's to a great New Year at HorrorBid! ( I would put up the cheers smiley but my work comp
kweandee Friday 1/02/2009 at 04:28 PM | 30616
I am really honored to be here!

THANKS Justin for putting up with me!

you all rock
DEUSEXMACHINA222 Saturday 1/03/2009 at 12:55 AM | 30644
Justin thanks for all the kind words! from your friendliness to your generoty to horrorbid overall....its awesome and cheers to you bro!

Another tall pint of Samuel Smiths Ale raised to all the members here who make it such a fun...informative and......drum roll.....DRAMA FREE PLACE!

I am a life long horror maniac and im trying to make my dream come true by making films but 2008 is when I started collecting MYERS masks. I was a little lost at first and sometimes on other forums felt like i wasn't "in" enough for anyone to give a shit about giving me a tip or two. Movies were a strength but masks? holy crap I never knew how many great artists there were out there. Anyway HORRORBID has been a great resource for mask information! Its always cool to BS and have fun but man...Ive seen some real great photos here of clasc old school masks and all sorts of amazing horror creativity.

Anyway...cheers everyone and Im looking forward to 2009 with y'all! regards from the gutter! your one and only NY GHOUL Evan
ny ghoul Saturday 1/03/2009 at 06:27 PM | 30745
Great posts guys!

This year has been one of trantion for me as well, my work has changed immenly as well as my little buness.I'm soooo honored to have been invited here by Justin and Joel, and nce I have... I haven't regretted it in the slightest.

This place is the best forum on the net, horror or no.

As some have said.. it's drama free and the people here help make it such a pleasant place to come and talk.

Thanks for welcoming me with open arms as you all have, and for showing my work some love.

I appreciate you all, and I look forward to another great year here at Horrorbid!

Here's to getting my Slasher Legend status before next year!
DarkArtist81 Saturday 1/03/2009 at 08:37 PM | 30763