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DarkSide Paul Interview

This was a very special interview for myself and I want to make sure everyone gets a chance to read it. Here is the link...


Hope you guys enjoy....

Horror Domain - Cursed Evil Overlord Monday 6/15/2009 at 08:28 PM | 48452
That was a VERY KOOL interview to the both of you!!! Paul you da man!!! I am a proud owner of a Part 2!!! And I will agree that you CANT beat the prices!!! I know one thing for sure for you and Jeff Death... As soon as I can, I am going to be ordering in quantities from the both of you!!!And I think the first thing I nail is going to be a David Bust!!! That thing is CK!!!

I just want to thank you guys for doing this Interview because It answered ALOT of my questions that I often wondered!!!


Harry Warden Tuesday 6/16/2009 at 12:02 PM | 48525
Great interview!!

I'm totally getting one of their masks!
Michael Aspinwall Tuesday 6/16/2009 at 09:41 PM | 48563