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Keanu Reeves Says "Matrix 4" and "5" are Coming

AICN received a scoop from an event that took place at the London International School of Performing Arts, where Keanu Reeves spoke to the class about his career while promoting his new movie "Henry's Crime."

He spoke briefly about "47 Ronin" and "Bill and Ted 3," but the big news came when Reeves revealed that he met with the Wachowskis around Christmas. They told him that they completed script treatments for two more "Matrix" installments. They are planning to make the films in 3D and have already met with James Cameron to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the technology.

Reeves added that he's excited to return as Neo and promised that the treatments will truly revolutionize the action genre like the first "Matrix" film did.
Shakelford, J. Rusty Tuesday 1/25/2011 at 04:23 AM | 70630
I've never been a fan of Keanu or his movies, but I imagine that are a LOT of people excited about this!!! Nick

myers n San Diego Tuesday 1/25/2011 at 06:52 PM | 70654
I don't know about this.... Didn't they wrap up the story in the last film? I thought the first film was phenomenal and the second had a lot of great elements but by the third film things were starting to loose their luster. Perhaps they can bring things back to awesome but I feel far too much time has passed and they are going for a cash grab.

Piman334 Tuesday 1/25/2011 at 09:11 PM | 70677
I was really into the Matrix trilogy when they first came out. The story sealed well and I really don't see a reason for more. I guess I'll see what plays out.
Ryn Wednesday 1/26/2011 at 09:22 AM | 70755

skutterk Friday 1/28/2011 at 11:16 PM | 70969