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Happy Mother's Day from all of us at HorrorBid

If you've been with us nce 2007 or just ran across this page today, we could honestly care less. HorrorBid is a family and all of you make up one of the ckest, and most insane group of rabid horror nuts on this planet. We are truly a fan driven horror te and today is a day to celebrate to all of you moms out their in the Bidite nation. We thank you for putting up with us, we appreciate you raing our children, to those that have lost their mothers we remember them for all that they did in our lives to get us to this point.

Horror fans lets celebrate moms today like only we can. Let's see some pics rolling. Let's here some messages and some shout outs and most importantly lets have some fun HorrorBid style!

Special thanks to our own Bidite, the one and only Jeff Cochran aka WickedBeard (Kane Hodder's twin) and Betsy Palmer (THE Mrs. Pamela Voorhees) for the ck deshow image and for Crash Cunningham for doctoring up Crash style!

Below: my very own mother and my niece

And I am currently trying my damndest to make my lovely wife a mom as well. Here is to trying!
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