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Rare Photos of Deleted Scenes from THE KEEP (1983) Found!

The Keep is a 1983 horror film from acclaimed director Michael Mann (Manhunter, Public Enemies). The film is about Nazis who take over a keep in the Dinu Pass in Romania. One greedy soldier removes one of the many crosses embedded in the walls, which unleashes an ancient evil.

The Nazis call in a professor and his daughter who know a lot about the keep to asst them in stopping whatever is killing their men. A stranger also arrives, who seems to know more about the keep than he's letting on...After production finished, Paramount butchered Mann's original 3 1/2-hour long veron of The Keep (which I imagine was very faithful to the book) into the 1 1/2-hour cut we have today.

The film has yet to be released on DVD, and it's a pity, because it is a spectacular film (to see my review, click here: viewtopic.php?f=255&t=15958). Well, while I was looking at an entire webte devoted to The Keep, I came across some photos of deleted scenes that have yet to see the light of day! Here they are:

In an early scene, Father Fonescu, Iuliu, and Alexandru are worried about the arrival of the Nazis." class="photoborder" /> Captain Woermann discovers some of his men dead. Eva watches Glaeken arrive in the village. Glaeken and Evas romance. A deleted scene where Alexandus sons kill him due to the evil infecting the keep and the area around it Eva pleads to Molasar to let them live. Glaeken before the confrontation with Molasar. OK, the following pictures contain spoilers as to the end of The Keep, as well as its alternate ending. If you have yet to view the film, stay away and go watch it immediately. If you have seen it, click below: The dual between Glaeken and Molasar Their fall into the subcellar of the keep in the alternate ending. Eva goes back into the keep to search for Glaeken in the alternate ending. Eva discovering Glaeken, who is still alive after the fall. An added scene in some TV verons, with Glaeken, Eva, and Dr. Cuza headed for the Mediterranean.

Those were the photos of deleted scenes, and if you want to see the alternate ending (which is way better than the depresng ending we got), watch this video:

To view the The Keep webte (which includes interviews, reviews, inghts, info about a DVD release, and more), click here:
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