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Man Robs Bank With CFX Silicone "Lifelike" Mask Then Thanks Company!

Queens News - According to the police Edward Byam, 24, and Akeem Monsalvatge, 37, dressed in NYPD gear while wearing high-end masks from Compote Effects while robbing the check cashing outfit. For the actual robbery they apparently handed a female employee a picture of her home and said they knew where she lived. Freaking out, the woman handed over nearly $200,000. But then the whole thing started to fall apart. Thanks to security pictures released to the media, it quickly became clear the robbers were wearing lifelike masks (that cost upwards of $600), which the NYPD were able to track down to Compote Effect. From there mask makers were able to help out because, well, a customer had recently written in to thank them for their work, saying: “I’m sending this message to say I’m extremely pleased by CFX work on the mask. The realism of the mask is unbelievable.”

I would like to note that, if he was wearing the proper hat, the mask would look like Walter White dressed as “Heisenberg” from Breaking Bad. How dumb can these guys be? I’d like to think it went like this:

“Man, that was the eaest robbery ever, we are in the clear! You know, that mask makes robbing people so easy, but it is also light and made of breathable material. I am so pleased with the product, I want to write them a note.”

To Whom It May Concern:

I just wanted to say how satisfied I am with your line of lifelike masks. I am a career criminal, so I need to be difficult to identify on the street, and your mask made this normally frustrating process much eaer and more convenient. The days of me sweating through ski masks and ripping pairs of stockings with my head and face are officially over. Nobody recognized my friend and I as we held up a check cashing joint ung two of your masks, plus they are lightweight and comfortable in the summer heat. Expect a sales increase, we have recommended your fantastic product to all of our criminal friends, Crips and Bloods alike.


Edward Byam and Akeem Monsalvatge – Satisfied Customers, Queens, New York
Shakelford, J. Rusty Friday 8/24/2012 at 02:27 AM | 95752
HAHA. I heard about this on the Bob and Tom show earlier this week. This is hilarious to me. Some ppl are retarded
kizzle Sunday 9/02/2012 at 02:32 PM | 96022