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A Freddy Krueger Before Robert Englund? See What Freddy Almost Became Within!

Robert Englund is an icon any way you look at it. By going through an extensive make up process and the addition of the unmistakable red and green sweater along with his dirty brown hat, he becomes the Horror Legend Freddy Krueger. He managed to slash his way through eight on screen films with the role and even a television series. Did you know that Englund wasn't the very first actor to wear the Freddy makeup?

David Warner (THE OMEN) was originally set to play The Springwood Slasher, and he even went through the Freddy makeup test.

With Warner gearing up to take on the then unknown role, a scheduling conflict came to light causing a problem and once he was out, a lesser known actor (Englund) at the time took on the Freddy persona. The rest is history.

Have a look below at the original makeup test with David Warner. It is hard to imagine this version of Freddy, but it had to begin somewhere.

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