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Warning Shocking Video: Real Life Possession Or Is It? You Decide

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There are some things in life that when you see them you have to truly wonder if what you saw was for real or not. Especially when it comes to something as bold as a real life possession. The video below is extremely shocking and is something that dances on the line of "is it real or is it staged?"

According to the description, there isn't much known about the footage, other than a family from Iowa having discovered it in the attic of their newly bought home. The husband was the first and only member to watch the video, refusing to let the rest of his family see it.

The person that posted this says that they received the footage from the family as they became aware of their interest in the paranormal. Going on to say "It is by far the most intense possession related footage I have witnessed."

Once again, could this be real? Could this be fake?

The text for the video reads:

"In 1973 a canister if 8mm film was found in the attic of a home by its new owners. Along with the film, a set of audio recordings were also discovered. The following is what they found."

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