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Check Out the Complete List of 'The ABC's of Death' Directors

Drafthouse Films, Timpson Films and Magnet Releang have come together to produce The ABCs of Death, an unrivaled 26 part anthology project that will boast work from some of the finest young directors in the buness today.

ABC’s 25 filmmakers have now officially been named, while the 26th will be decided as a part of a worldwide competition degned to locate and showcase unheralded talent. The search for the final director ends October 1st, and you can check out the submison guidelines here.

Each of the following directors will tackle a letter from the alphabet that represents a word to act as a foundation for a condensed tale of terror. Take note, there are some terrific vionaries attached to this colossal project, including Ti West, Kaare Andrews, Jorge Michel Grau, Jason Eisener and many more!

Kaare Andrews

Angela Bettis

Ernesto Diaz Espinoza

Jason Eisener

Bruno Forzani & Héléne Cattet

Adrian Garcia Bogliano

Xavier Gens

Jorge Michel Grau

Noburo Iguchi,

Thomas Malling

Anders Morgenthaler

Yoshihrio Nishimura

Banjong Pisathanakun

mon Rumley Marcel Sarmiento

Jon Schnepp

Srdjan Spasojevic

Timo Tjahjanto

Andrew Traucki

Nacho Vigalondo

Jake West Ti West

Ben Wheatley Adam Wingard Yudai Yamaguchi
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