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American Horror Story Season 2 Set To Feature Some Familiar Faces!

With season one of FX's American Horror Story all said and done, we're now left to t and wait in anticipation for what creator Ryan Murphy will have up his sleeve for next season of the hit show. Season two is set to feature and entirely different plot line and new characters - BUT, apparently not new actors!

Today at the Televion Critics Association Press Tour, a HUGE announcement was made at the FX panel concerning several of the key actors from last years inaugural season. They stated "Two or posbly three American Horror Story actors will continue next season (as new characters). Casting process on now."

So that leaves us with the mystery question of who? With casting currently ongoing, let's hope that we'll get some sort of announcements in the days to come.

zombie10 Sunday 1/15/2012 at 10:12 PM | 89511