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ABC Buys Pilot From Haven Creators For Another Possible Stephen King Adaptation

CBS' "Under the Dome" has had some nice success as of late. It appears that this buzz about the show has turned

ABC on to seeing a little more what the man himself Stephen King is about by purchang a pilot script from the creators "Haven" Sam Ernst and Jim Dunn based on a Stephen King short story "Just After Sunset".

"Ernst shared the news via his Twitter feed:

Also, big news coming from me and HavenJim

- like where we've been and what we've been doing. It probably ain't what you think...

But it does involve a young up and coming writer named Stephen King...

This (sorta) just in: Jim Dunn and I have sold a pilot script to ABC based on a Stephen King short story,"New York Times at Bargain Rates."


"A widow answers a phone call from her husband, who died two days earlier in an airplane crash. He is presumably in an afterlife. The husband predicts two tragedies which later came true and helps his wife avoid death herself."

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