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Big News On The Next Season Of AMERICAN HORROR STORY!

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It has been known for a while that AMERICAN HORROR STORY creator Ryan Murphy has big plans to unleash a crossover season that will see characters from both Murder House and Coven intertwine. That crossover season is still on the agenda, but it will Not be happening next season.

Murphy recently spoke at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour and had this to say about the crossover season:

“We're working on it, but that's not going to be [Season 8]. That will probably be the one after that. We've already met about it and outlined it. But it won't be next because some of the [cast members] are not available."

With the crossover idea on hold until Season 9, we now know that Season 8 will go to new places as it will indeed take place in the future.

Murphy says of the upcoming Season 8:

“It takes place in the future. It's still topical, but [set in] the future, which I've never done... I think people will like it. It's different from what we've done before."

He assures us that it will not take place in space. The head of FX loved the pitch whatever it was as Murphy says:

“I pitched it to [FX boss] John Landgraf today right after his TCA panel, and he loved it, but he’s asked me not to say what it is. I told him and he fell out of his chair with joy."

We will keep you updated on all things AMERICAN HORROR STORY as we hear it.

Season 8 is expected to begin airing on FX this fall.
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