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Will we see Scream 5 & 6?

Do you there there is a good chance Wes Craven will not return for Scream 5 because writer Kevin Williamson refuses to do the 5th and 6th script because they changed much of his writing for the 4th film? Of course this all depends on the success of Scream 4. If the film bombs badly at the box office then Wes Craven will probably jump ship and not bother to return for future sequels. He may even retire according to an article Horror Bid wrote a few months ago because he was so deviated people did like his My Soul to Take. I personally think the film will do really good but who knows?

Where does this put Scream 5 and 6? Hopefully not in the direct to DVD/blu-ray boat.
Shakelford, J. Rusty Friday 1/28/2011 at 10:02 AM | 70916
I personally wouldn't be upset not to see anymore of this series. I will however hold the option to change my mind depending on how this one(part 4) is done. I wouldn't be shocked though if there are more as Hollywood can't come up with anything new so don't be shocked to see the remake in the next year or two of the whole series.
cropsy Friday 1/28/2011 at 03:51 PM | 70929
Time will tell.
skutterk Friday 1/28/2011 at 07:54 PM | 70947
I would much rather Wes release an original IP that does not involve teenagers, he's been making the same movie year after year and I'm officially burnt out on the whole thing. I believe MY SOUL TO TAKE was my personal last straw, that movie was so predicable it almost felt like a parody.
TedBrown Saturday 1/29/2011 at 04:43 AM | 70993
I agree it's only a matter of time before we see a remake of the entire series, but I think even if Wes doesn't return we'll still see a Scream 5 & 6.
LoomisLives2010 Saturday 1/29/2011 at 06:10 AM | 71001
Maybe, if the fourth generates enough hype. I'd rather see something original, but we'll see how it goes.
hallowsevec Saturday 1/29/2011 at 09:12 PM | 71035
I doubt he'll be directing another one or have much input on the scripts, but if 4 makes a profit he'll probably get a "Producer" title. Just so they can use his name in promotion.
crazymage Saturday 1/29/2011 at 09:15 PM | 71036
Depends on how well Scream 4 does, if it's a dud/bomb then I can see Wes either retiring or moving on to make other movies and maybe start a new series or whatever. If it's a hit then we can likely expect Scream 5 and 6 because Hollywood loves milking franchises to death i.e. Shrek, NOES, F13th, etc. Whether Craven will come back though is the big question, I can see Craven either coming back as the director, step down from the directors seat and be a producer, or just leave the series and let someone else take over, kind of like with NOES. Only on April 4th will we know if Scream warrants another sequel though.
Dexter.. Saturday 1/29/2011 at 09:17 PM | 71037
I think as long as they can make an entertaining, interesting film, it would be worthwhile to make more Scream movies. If the well is dry and they are just trying to use the "Scream" name to sell tickets to crap (I'm looking at you Saw!), it needs to end.
teamcerberus Saturday 1/29/2011 at 09:25 PM | 71038
When you start getting into the 5th and 6th of a series if you are not careful it starts getting watered down and fades away from the original story line that made it a clasc. I will probably see 4 and if 5 and 6 come out I will check them out. I just won't have high hopes. I hope to be surprised!!!
UndeadDave76 Saturday 1/29/2011 at 09:27 PM | 71039
I think we will. The Scream's have done so well in their theatrical runs. I think it's safe to say this one will doe well. If it keeps making money, they'll keep making it. Now, whether Craven and Williamson are involved is a tougher question. I'd say Wes is more likely than Kevin, because Kevin has had problems with TWC before, and it seems that the relationship, right now, isn't very good. Let's hope for the best though, this is one of the only horror franchises around now that I give a damn about.
Hunter-Nightmare Saturday 1/29/2011 at 09:33 PM | 71040
I personally think that it will do very well and that we will see another 2 or 3 sequels in the near future.

This is a very hyped up movie, and everyone is getting ready for it! For the youngsters who don't know what scream is, this is their time.

For those who do; this is Scream for a new generation!

It is supposed to be just as good as the first so I'm sure word will get around, and the success will begin!

It definitely won't be a Avatar or anything by no means, but for a horror movie I think people will watch and Hollywood will give Wes the greenlight until, like Saw, they ruin a good importunity.

Wes I personally think will make the right movies. Even with Scream 3, I didn't think he did bad in the slightest. Yah the script needed a few changes, but it was a very solid sequel compared to many other sequels to successful franchises.

I think in the end, it'll all pay off!!!
negapilgrim132 Saturday 1/29/2011 at 09:50 PM | 71042
lol, if they make em, i will see em

dxh8r4life Saturday 1/29/2011 at 09:54 PM | 71043
No matter who is at the helm of 5 and 6 people will go see it. Halloween II was proof of it. People still went even though so many hated the first of Rob Zombie's verons. Zombie was right that we want to see horror films so bad we will even watch the crap they feed us now.
cropsy Saturday 1/29/2011 at 10:46 PM | 71045
Honestly im not even worried about scream 5 and 6, im just waiting to see how good 4 is with all this damn hype around it.
MiLeSx13x Monday 1/31/2011 at 08:30 PM | 71131