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Wes Craven Talks The Future Of The SCREAM Franchise

Below is the newest interview of director Wes Craven on the future of the Scream franchise and how characters might live or might die? It seems pretty pointless to say that the core characters, Sydney, Dewey and Gale will be with the franchise until the end.

This just verifies the statement that once "Scream 4" came out there was really no point to have a new trilogy if you don't have the balls to kill off any of the original cast characters. New Decade, No Balls.

Warning: some spoilers for the ending of "Scream 4" lie ahead

"I imagine the core characters will continue," he said of dney Prescott, Gale Weathers and Dewey Riley. "I suspect theyll be with us until the end, because they just are the heart and soul of the movie and especially nce we tend to kill off most of the other people," he said with a hearty laugh. "Theyll be with us. There will be some continuation of the drama of dney Prescotts family and the ghosts that haunt it."

Will there be more "Scream" movies? Do you want to see more of that Prescott family drama? Tell us in the comments. Click the link below to view the full video:
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