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Our Interview With The Event Directors Of The 1:6 Expo

t bag. So make sure you get there early, doors will open at 8 a.m.

Bedes enjoying the One xth Expo you will be able to experience the Frank & Son's Collectible Show! Frank & Son features over 250 of the Finest Collectible Dealers under one roof! We're confident that you will find exactly what you're looking for from that hard to find piece of sports memorabilia to the latest comic book or action figures. Be sure to check out the Event's Schedule for updated information on Special Guests appearing in person during show hours.

"Reintroducing 12" Inchs Figures to the World!"

1.How are you can you please introduce yourselves to all the Bidites out there?

(give some info of what you do as well) Q- My name is Rolando Quinonez, I am 34, a Police Officer and Owner of Q's Toys & Collectibles.

I am addicted to toys and am diagnosed with the Peter Pan Syndrome.

Bobby- Hi my name is Robert Zamarripa, I am 30 and am still a kid at heart.

I am a Graphic Artist and I help my family run our Collectible Show, Frank and Son.

2. How did the idea for the 1/6 xpo come about? and what did it take to organize such an event?

Q/B- nce Bobby and I are fans of 1/6 figures, we asked ourselves, why isn't there a show strictly for the 1/6 market.

nce we had the location, it was a no brainer for us to do this show.

What it took to organize the event; Hard Work, Time & Dedication, Support from family, friends and the 1/6 Community.

3. With all the sucess of Wonder Con, Toy Fair and Comic Con why do you feel its taken so long for the 1/6 community to get the recognition it deserves?

Q- Honestly, I don't know why its taken so long for a show strictly dedicated for the 1/6 market.

1/6 figures are here to stay and keep getting more popular as time progresses.

Bobby- I think anybody organizing or running an event should have an interest in the product at their venue.

I think the 1/6 shows in the past, were not in the collectors best interest.

Myself and Rolando are true collectors as well 1/6 dealers.

So you get the best of both worlds, someone who can see the event from both perspectives; a collector and dealers point of view, allowing us to create a successful on-going show.

4. I notice alot of 1/6 scale vendors and customizers are showing their support who are some of the special guests we can expect to see?

Q/B- We will have Betomatali and Lupita as one of our guests.

They are from Mexico and continue to produce amazing 1/6 pieces.

They will have a booth at the show displaying figures and demoing sculpting and painting.

We are also lucky to have Mike Najera of Kangol Airbrushing.

Mike is a free lance painter and paints wonderful pieces for deshow Collectibles, Magee FX, and Popculture.

He will also be doing a painting demo during the show. 5. This is quiet a large event with guests from Mexico to New York and many other places why do you feel people are so eager to vit California for the xpo?

Q/B- At first, we could not believe we were receiving requests from dealers and attendees out of state/country.

For example; A dealer contacted us from Europe, we emailed the dealer to make sure he was aware the event was in California.

The dealer bacally replied, "DUH."

Myself and Bobby were so surprised that we had reach a global audience.

Why are people eager to come to the show, because there's never been a show like this before; Free Admison, Free Parking, Free Raffles, Contests-Giveaways, t bags and the largest support by 1/6 manufactures, dealers, distributors, and boardies.

6. Are there any excluve 1/6 pieces or surprises you can share with us or do we have to attend to find out?

Q/B- There will be two excluve 1/6 figures for the show.

For all of the military collectors, Caltek/Soldier Story will have a USAF Combat Control Figure which will be limited of 500 pieces.

For all the horror fans, Betomatali will have an excluve Nightmare Killer figure with a choice of a regular or long arm veron.

Only 10 of these will be available at the show.

There will be a couple other surprises for the 1/6 Enthuasts but they will have to attend the show to find out...7. Tell us what got you into collecting? and What are some of your favorite 1/6 pieces?

Q- What got me into collecting was my fascination with 80's Toys; Voltron, He-Man, Transformers, Thundercats, etc... I still own my original ones I had as a Child.

Once I saw the 12" figures Hot Toys was producing, I was addicted.

My favorite 1/6 pieces are the Hot Toys Predator 2 Elder, Hot Toys Dark Knight Original Suit Batman, Hot Toys Dark Knight Tumbler and Betomatali's Pennywise from IT.

Bobby- I started collecting 12" Figures when 21st Century and Dragon were at their best.

As selection went down and prices went up, I lost interest in collecting.

Almost 11 years of not collecting, I met my buddy and now buness partner Rolando who has an amazing collection of Hot Toys, Enterbay, deshow, etc.... figures I was drawn back.

Seeing the breakthroughs that Hot Toys and other 1/6 companies have made, I am now back to collecting.

My favorite 1/6 pieces are the whole series of Iron Man that Hot Toys has released starting from the Mark I to the new Mark VI and a couple of customs I have built with the help of my friends and fellow boardies.

8. Is this a one time show or are you planning on making it an annual event like Comic Con?

Q/B- This will not be a one time show if the 1/6 community supports it.

We are planning a Second Show sometime in January 2012.

As an excluve for you, we have a Horror Xpo in the works as well.

9. How many guests are you expecting to attend over the weekend?

Q- There was a Census taken for a normal Saturday day at Frank & Son.

They came up with 6,500-7,500 guests per show.

So with the normal Frank & Son crowd and One xth Xpo Fans, we are hoping to get an attendance of 8,500-9,500 people.

The best part of our show is, it is completely free to attend, no admison or parking fees...

10. Any last min things you would like to share with us?

Q- This show was started by collectors for collectors.

We have worked hard to make this show a success.

So if you are a fan of 1/6, come out and support the show.

We hope to see you all there!

Remember, they're action figures not dolls...

Bobby- ZE MATTERS....

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