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Matt Reeves Talks "This Dark Endeavor" Frankenstein Movie

Last month it was revealed that Matt Reeves (Let Me In, Cloverfield) has gned on to direct "This Dark Endeavor," which is a film based on the novel by Kenneth Oppel about a young Victor Frankenstein. FearNet

caught up with the director to get a few more details.

" a young man, he's about fifteen, xteen years old. It's not

present day," said Reeves. "It's the story of what formed him psychologically to put him on that path, to become God, to create life. It's actually a very, very sad, painful story, but a wonderful adventure and love story too. In many ways, like 'Let Me In,'

a coming of age story, but one that sort of ends up being the creation myth for one of the great stories of our time."

When asked if the film will have horror elements to it, Reeves replied:

"Yeah, absolutely. It doesn't actually get as far as the Monster, but the movie sort of hints at how these things came about."

He also spoke about another project he's working on, which is based on Ray Nelson's "Eight O'Clock in the Morning." He said: " was actually the source material for John Carpenter's 'They Live.' But it won't have anything to do with the original 'They Live.'"

Source: Fearnet

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