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[REC] 2 Review - Let The Bodies Hit The Floor!

I’d wanted nothing more than to enjoy this sequel. Unfortunately a series of gnificant plot alterations have left me completely perplexed, and unsure of where I stand in terms of the


ted pretentious characters who deal with the films “infected” with relative ease. Not a ngle character receives enough screen time to care the least bit about them, and that just adds to the overall disappointment.

Did I mention that rabies may not be the cause of this quarantine madness, but… actual posseson?

Yes it sounds absurd, and I stand firmly behind my new found doubt of this franchise (though I applaud some of the gore), but there are a few minor details I’ll keep to myself, in the hope the that the surprise brings you some level of satisfaction. As for me…I’ll always cherish

for the brilliant piece of film it was. Sadly, I just can’t hold this sequel in the same regard…bigger budget or not,

Rating: C
Matt_Molgaard Wednesday 7/13/2011 at 06:35 AM | 78532