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Are You Ready To Phase Out? PHASE 7 Hits AMC Theaters

Nicolás Goldbart’s highly anticipated apocalyptic survival tale landed in AMC theaters yesterday! Screening at 24 locations, Phase 7 is receiving an extremely limited run, averaging only four days screening per location. Locations by the way include cinema’s spanning from California to New York, affording a few extra opportunities to get a sneak peek at the picture before it lands on DVD and Blu-ray.

Early reports indicate the film is a true gem shot in the vein of , minus the hand-held camera approach, with a hint of humor factored in.

The films synops reads as follows:

Coco (Hendler) has just moved to a new apartment with his wife Pipi (Stuart), who’s seven months pregnant. At first, they don’t seem to notice the growing chaos around them, but when authorities quarantine their building after a deadly pandemic breaks out, Coco joins forces with his off-kilter, but well-prepared and stocked next-door neighbor Horacio to defend his refrigerator and keep Pipi safe. Meanwhile, outde the building, Buenos Aires—and the world as the apartment denizens know it, is disappearing. The world is ending; got ammo?

Daniel Hendler (Lost Embrace), Jazmín Stuart (The Paranoids), Yayo Guridi (Los Rodriguez) and Federico Luppi (Pan’s Labyrinth) star in the feature, while Steven Schneider (Indious, Paranormal Activity) acts as executive producer.

Vit to purchase your tickets now!
Matt_Molgaard Thursday 7/14/2011 at 10:18 PM | 78690