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R&B Singer Trey Songz Gets The Lead In TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 3D

According to Bloody-Disgusting R&B nger Trey Songz has gned on to play the male lead oppote Alexandra Daddario in TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 3D. The cast was full of these up and comers as well as old school horror icons including Alexandra Daddario, Bill Mosley, Tania Raymonde, Scott Eastwood and Gunnar Hansen among others. Is this the 90's all over again with rappers playing in horror films such as Busta Rhymes in HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION? Check out his latest hit featuring Nicki Minaj below.

SOURCE: Bloody-Disgusting
JoeTheHouseOfHorror Tuesday 7/19/2011 at 07:45 PM | 78959
I really want to pull for this flick, but i'll be damned if the plot doesn't sound a bit ludicrous...and now...a rapper cast as the lead.

damn... :(
Matt_Molgaard Tuesday 7/19/2011 at 08:43 PM | 78961
Yeah, idk about this one :/
Tobyisoctopus Wednesday 7/20/2011 at 02:21 AM | 78969
Wow this is terrible news
Bullet31 Friday 7/29/2011 at 12:32 AM | 79493