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Character Collision: Michael Myers Versus Jason Voorhees

Our burly buddy Jason Voorhees took on the man of nightmares, Freddy Kruger in 2003. I think for the most part it’s safe to call this one a tie, although, as I recall Jason did exit the murky waters carrying the severed head of Kruger. Of course, Freddy looked anything but down for the count, despite misng…well, his whole damn body!

So, I’m calling Freddy vs. Jason a draw. Whether you agree with that decion or not, we’re just going to keep the war’s rolling, and take a look at a potential clash between Voorhees (who earns a return to the battle circle based solely on the fact that he exited the battle with Freddy with gnificantly more limbs intact) and another iconic masked madman, Michael Myers.


Voorhees: Voorhees has been killed too many times to count. He’s been subjected to drowning attempts, eaten a maelstrom of bullets and received some savage attacks in the rare occurrence that the protagonist actually obtain the upper hand. But, it’s hard to keep a good bad guy down, as evidenced by his continued returns to Slaughter Square.

Myers: Like Voorhees, Myers has absorbed an obnoxious amount of punishment, including beatings, bullet buffets, fire, well just about every fashion in which Voorhees has been disposed of, Michael has as well. However there’s one glaring issue in this breakdown, and maybe it’s a gn of old age (in combat sports they say the chin is the first to give out, perhaps that applies to fantasy horror clashes as well), but the beatdown Busta Rhymes served Myers in Halloween: Resurrection casts doubts in regards to Michael’s current condition.

Edge: Jason Voorhees - Jason, despite being the buer mass murderer still looks the more durable of the two, even if only by a slight margin.

Combative Creativity

Voorhees: Jason is a resourceful bastard; while he may prefer to utilize the trademark machete, he’s shown some diverty while performing his “fatalities”. If Jason can’t handle buness with the big blade, he’ll be happy to impale his victims on any nearby sharp item, shoot an arrow through the noggin, he’s even willing to punch a head clean off shoulders if the opportunity presents itself.

Myers: Myers lacks the arsenal to match the offenve output of Voorhees. We all know that, while Mike will seize any opportunity to slaughter victims in any way posble, his true pason lies in the bulky kitchen knife he’s known to wield. You’re going to need as many weapons as posble if you’re challenging the almighty hockey reject.

Edge: Jason Voorhees - Jason’s got more tools on his belt, and that alone gives him a gnificant edge in a battle likely to produce a wide array of potential death dealing instruments.

Defenve Skills

Voorhees: Jason has never really been an eluve machine. He’s always been a lumbering beast willing to meet the tortoises pace just as long as the final result swings in his favor. He may hold a slight speed advantage in direct combat, but he’s ultimately a very damageable foe.

Myers: Myers has a nifty way of merging into the shadows. He’s definitely the more eluve of the two when assessed on a grand scale, though as I mentioned he may be a tad slower in the exchanges. Slower in the exchanges or not, I see Myers capitalizing on his awareness of his surroundings, and what could potentially be a slight advantage in the IQ department.

Edge: Michael Myers - This beast will more than likely capitalize on any bonus advantages his surroundings offer. That will ultimately lead to Michael being the more efficient defenve combatant.

Grand Assessment; Final Prediction

Myers will make it an entertaining battle that, due to the masve ze of both villains unfolds at a much slower pace than Voorhees’ clash with Kruger. We won’t see any wild acrobatics out of this one, just toe-to-toe blade wielding madness that eventually sees the greater harm befalling Michael. I’ll pick severed limbs over fileted flesh in this one.

Jason Voorhees wears down the aging Michael Myers utilizing a posble strength advantage, deeper selection of weapons and unbridled relience.

I had a blast writing this lly piece. If you'd like to see more fantasy collions in the future, let me know, and drop any potential match recommendations you're interested in!
Matt_Molgaard Friday 7/22/2011 at 03:48 PM | 79128
Great piece! Although I'm a much bigger fan of the Halloween series than the Friday series, I would have to agree with everything you said. Both have their strengths and weaknesses but ultimately Jason is more of a "fantasy" like monster where as Michael I think is less super human (or something like that...).

My request for next rematch would be someone up against The Creeper. Not sure who, maybe Ash or Leatherface?
joshk1986 Saturday 7/23/2011 at 10:13 AM | 79170
the creeper...damn thats an interesting one...who the hell would i match against the now you've got my wheels turning my friend!
Matt_Molgaard Saturday 7/23/2011 at 03:45 PM | 79178


both old vs new, both eqaully matched.
deadly cmr Saturday 7/23/2011 at 06:15 PM | 79179
I also like the idea of bringing Chromeskull into the equation, but I want to leave Voorhees and Myers out of the equation and focus on figures I haven't messed with.

Chromeskull versus Babyface maybe? or perhaps Leslie Vernon?

What do you guys think of that: Chromeskull versus Leslie Vernon. Two villains with awesome masks, who seem to both be your typical human (at least thus far)
Matt_Molgaard Saturday 7/23/2011 at 06:49 PM | 79180
LOL. Great stuff, dude.

I'd be rooting for Michael but your breakdown of the match-up is pretty much flawless.
AgnesItsMeBilly Saturday 7/23/2011 at 07:42 PM | 79184
Pumpkinhead vs The Creeper

Djinn vs Leprechaun haha
DoubleshotJ Saturday 7/23/2011 at 07:49 PM | 79187
Djinn vs Leppy...that sounds absolutely BAD ASS
Matt_Molgaard Saturday 7/23/2011 at 08:10 PM | 79190
Jason would kick Michael's ass. && I LOVE the fact that you said Freddy Vs. Jason was a draw... TRUE STATEMENT!

JASON VS VICTOR NOW THAT IS SOMETHING I'D LOVE TO SEE... Kane playing both obviously! I'd put serious money into that movie actually...
ImTheWolf Wednesday 7/27/2011 at 11:05 PM | 79410