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Robert Rodriguez Dishes On Machete, Sin City Sequels

The always prolific, Robert Rodriguez has been busy spilling the 411 at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. While out at the SDCC, Rodriguez spoke candidly with Dreadcentral, unveiling a slew of future plans.

On tap to swallow the time of Rodriguez’s future are a handful of follow-ups that genre fans should surely appreciate.

While neither Machete, nor n City are full blown horror features, there’s blatant genre elements in each, and in mass abundance at that. Therefore, fans should find this news extremely intriguing, as it looks as though both franchises face the potential of moving forward in the near future.

Check out what Rodriguez had to say about his future and some thoughts on the aforementioned sequels.

“It always comes back to yourself. I too would only want to make this if I felt sure this is a movie that I’d want to see. The first n City, I didn’t make it with the audience in mind at all. Who knew if they’d even want a black and white movie to begin with? They may have thought it was too weird but I knew I wanted to see it so that’s why I made it that way.”

“So I always have to make sure I’m really pasonate about something before I start working on it and with n City, that was a movie I was incredibly pasonate about. Fans can tell when you make something you don’t really care about. Really, it comes back to me and when I read the script for n City 2, does it move me and get me to the point where I say to myself ‘I really have to make this movie.’ I know the audience really wants it but that’s not good enough for me. It’s got to be great enough so when it’s done I can say to fans ‘this is what you’ve been waiting for’ and I know I delivered.”

“With Machete, I wouldn’t do another Machete just because the first one was successful unless I felt like I was really excited to get to do another film. Danny and I are always talking about ideas for what we want to do with the new Machete. The key is to the Machete sequel is that there were so many incredible things we pulled off in the original that of course we need to amp things up for the next one but everything still has to be organic to the story, so it’s not just shock for shock’s sake. But we know this next one has to be crazy, it has to be fun and I know we can definitely come up with something.”

Props: Dreadcentral
Matt_Molgaard Monday 7/25/2011 at 11:41 PM | 79274
Even if I dont love everything he does, I at least like it all.. I trust him to do fantastic work and I'm excited for anything he throws to us!
ImTheWolf Wednesday 7/27/2011 at 10:50 PM | 79407