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I was watching Freddy v.s Jason the other day and thought of how many other great horror movies could be created by matching other horror greats against eachother.I thought of some pairs who I'd thought be good against eachother and thought I'd let you vote to see what you thought but also leave your opinion on who you think would be a good match for eachother.
zombie10 Wednesday 8/03/2011 at 06:55 PM | 79882
I love "Freddy vs. Jason". That worked because the characters Freddy and Jason are so different from each other, yet their victims were exactly the same. Both characters made a lot of money in the 1980's, and caused more nightmares for people all around the world then any other two villians. So I'm not really sure another vs. film could work as well because there are not any horror icons out there that are on the same mainstream status as Freddy and Jason are.

However, just for fun -

I'd like to see Pumpkinhead go up against the Sawyer family from "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" (the original). (I'm throwing Chop Top in there too nce he was in Vietnam while the events of TCM were happening, but in this story, he's home from Nam', and nce the Hitchhiker died in the first film, I'd have Chop Top there as his replacement. The Sawyers would be living in their house from the second film too nce they had to evacuate after the events of the first film.)

This film will take place in the summer of 1975 in Texas. The first half of this vs. film would start off feeling like the clasc TCM film - The story would be that a group of young Black Panthers from Austin, Texas are on a road trip, returning home from Houston, Texas after seeing counter-protesting the Ku Klux Klan at a KKK rally.

The Black Panthers are followed by Klan members however who shoot out the tires of their car, which leads to a showdown between the two groups. The Klan hunts and snuffs out the Black Panthers. Some of the Panthers however manage to kill some of the Klan members. Each group is also stalked and killed by the Sawyer's. At first, the two groups think the rival group is doing the killing. In due time, they discover it is the Sawyer's doing most of the killing, and they not only kill, but torture as well. Soon, the Black Panthers and the Ku Klux Klan join forces and try to take down the Sawyer's.

All of the Klan members and Black Panthers die except for one young black man who just barely escapes. For the next month, this young man lives in a local nuthouse, and he tries to seek mental help because he is forever tortured mentally over what happened, and can't get over what he went through. A fellow whacko (another young man who is white and a Vietnam veteran and is in the mental hospital because Vietnam still haunts him.) in the whack shack shares some info with him.....

Together, the two young men escape from the looney bin, and they both go to the old woman from "Pumpkinhead". The guy's friend waits outde, while the tortured former black panther asks the older woman for help, which leads to Pumpkinhead going after the Sawyer family.

The second half of the film is then like the clasc Pumpkinhead movie - This time, the Sawyers are hunted, and are victimized.

The Sawyer Family tries to think of ways to destroy Pumpkinhead, but no luck! Pumpkinhead supposedly kills them all except Leatherface. Which then leads to the final showdown - Leatherface vs. Pumpkinhead! Place your bets!

Pumpkinhead would win, but Pumpkinhead however would not just kill the Sawyer's - It turns out when the young man summoned up Pumpkinhead, something went wrong, which causes Pumpkinhead to start killing innocent people too, which causes the young man who summoned him to feel guilt, which leads to him and his friend from the hospital trying to kill Pumpkinhead somehow. Pumpkinhead kills the ex-Marine, but the ex-Black Panthermanages to kill Pumpkinhead. As soon as the young man kills Pumpkinhead however, Leatherface comes out of nowhere and kills the young man!

It turns out that no one in the Sawyer family died, and were just injured. (By doing that, the events of TCM 2 could still happen.)
Zeeboe Thursday 8/04/2011 at 04:41 PM | 79964
Lecter vs. Bateman would be epic. I think they're the only ones here who'd be on something close to equal footing.
dew Friday 8/05/2011 at 11:22 AM | 80046