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Rob Zombie Talks Lords Of Salem! How About Demented, Perverted, Satanic Movies?

While Rob Zombie is currently on tour with Slayer, he's been keeping us updated on his new movie "The Lords Of Salem".

Rob's given us some FX sneak peeks from Wayne Toth's workshop, but today he took to his Twitter account, dropping some serious teaser buness on us, stating, "Watching Lords of Salem SFX test footage. Holy fuck this is fucking ck shit. I hope everyone loves demented, perverted satanic movies."

Rob has said that once he's off tour, official production will begin and we should be hearing casting news in upcoming months.
zombie10 Friday 8/05/2011 at 06:55 PM | 80068
I think Rob Zombie should feel like the luckiest rookie director for landing a remake of a major horror franchise such as halloween. It still bothers me to the core how he shit out that no selling sequel to halloween. As a halloween fan for now 20 years it was cool to have loomis back in a diffrent form.Loomis was very good in the reamake but who the hell was the guy in the 2nd one that was supose to be loomis.. and then zombie kills him off before any other director can correct that mistake....All i hear from zombie in interviews is how he felt that it should be diffrent and how he didnt like those other sequels..well its not about me me me...I grew up watching those movies..there close to my heart and for him to call them crap was a slap in moustapha akkad and every fans face...After hearing that why would Maleak akkad want a man like that touching halloween..Mr Zombie stick with what you know and make those satanic theme crap films you always make..halloween always was better off without you...
chardy Friday 8/05/2011 at 11:00 PM | 80096