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Rob Zombie Talks 'Lords of Salem' In this New Video!

There are legions of Rob Zombie followers the world around. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Rob’s forthcoming picture, The Lords of Salem has sparked masve buzz and genuine curioty from longtime fans as well as those of us who just love to see a new genre flick hit the big screen.

Recently, while at Toronto's Heavy T.O. Festival, the crew over at Fangoria jumped at the chance to snag a little one-on-one discuson about the film.

In this video, Zombie discusses the origin of the story, a planned release timeline, specific technical details we can expect and even a little background into Zombie’s early development and influences.

The video runs roughly x and a half minutes, and actually sheds some light on details not-yet revealed.

If you’re a fan of Zombie’s work, this video is a must see.

Being that the video is a Fangoria excluve, we won’t be embedding it here, but you can vit this link (I strongly recommend it) to watch this interesting interview that’s sure to further whet the appetite.

Props: Fangoria
Matt_Molgaard Saturday 8/06/2011 at 04:40 PM | 80133
he's right about certain horror franchises 'paying the bills' for some movie companies....for example new line being the house that freddy built
Bones Saturday 8/13/2011 at 12:55 AM | 80542