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A-Z Complete Guide to 1980s Slasher Movies: 1982

After the phenomenal year of 1981, the slasher flow was still going strong. Now, not only was there a crazy amount of slashers appearing the theaters, there was a heavy amount pouring onto home video. VHS tapes were revolutionary to the average horror fan. You could watch all your favorite movies in the comfort of your own living room thanks to Mom & Pop video stores. Plus, if you really liked the film you were renting, you could copy the rental tape onto a new VHS and never have to rent again! For the average slasher fan, it was the ultimate dream...

The A-Z Slasher Guide to 1982


Alone in the Dark After a power-outage, four mental patients escape and terrorize their new doctor and his family at their house. 220px-Alone_in_the_dark_ver1.jpg


Blood Link A man has vions of his amese brother killing naked women. He then travels to the town of Hamburg where his vions begin to start happening.

Blood Song A man escapes from a mental hospital and goes on a killing spree. He then goes after a handicapped girl who received a blood transfuon from him.

Bloodbeat A woman is possessed by the spirit of a samurai warrior and starts going on a killing spree.

Boardinghouse A boardinghouse is re-opened after several gruesome murders that occurred there years before. History begins to repeat itself as the body count rises.


Class Reunion A mental patient escapes from the asylum and attends his ten-year high school reunion and begins killing everyone one by one.


Dark Sanity A woman moves into a house where the previous owner was decapitated. She then suspects the same will happen to her...

Deadly Games A masked killer is terrorizing a small town. However, one woman escapes his clutches and says the murderer is either the policeman or the theater owner and has a plan to find out which one is the killer.

Death Valley A woman, her son, and her boyfriend drive through Death Valley and get attacked by a serial killer.

Don't Go To Sleep A girl is possessed by her dead ster and murders her family members.

The Dorm that Dripped Blood College students volunteer to prepare an old dorm to be torn down. However, a killer is slowly picking them off." class="photoborder" />



The Forest A cannibal preys on hikers and campers within the forest.

Friday the 13th: Part III Jason's back, and this time, he's slaughtering the teens at Higgins' Haven.



Honeymoon Horror A psychopath is picking off the honeymooners at Honeymoon Island one by one.

The Horror Star Drama students steal the dead body of a recently deceased horror star for a farewell party. However, the actor isn't quite dead...

Hospital Massacre A woman goes to pick up her X-rays for a job promotion. However, someone doctors up her X-ray to show she has a terminal disease. Anyone who gets in the killer's path is brutally murdered.

House of Death Teens are murdered at a town fair.

Humongous People stranded on a deserted island are stalked and killed by a monstrous human." class="photoborder" />





The Last Horror Film An obsesve filmmaker begins stalking an actress he wants to star in his film and begins offing everyone who gets in his path at the Cannes Film Festival.


Madman The legend of Madman Marz, a story about a farmer who killed his wife and children, turns out to be real as Marz hunts camp counselors at a summer camp near his abandoned house.


The New York Ripper Someone is killing women all across New York City in extremely brutal fashion as the police try and catch him.



Pieces A maniac is slicing up women with a chainsaw at a college.




Scorpion with Two Tails People go after drugs hidden in a tomb and are murdered by a killer.

The Seduction A woman is stalked by a psychopathic photographer.

lent Rage A man made superhuman by science goes on a killing spree and must be stopped by Chuck Norris.

The Slayer A group of people on an island for vacation are stalked and killed by a mysterious creature.

Superstition A witch returns from the dead to punish the descendants of those who killed her.


Tenebre A writer vacationing in Rome is stalked by a killer who is committing acts of murder that were portrayed in the author's new novel.

Till Death Do Us Part Couples attending a marital retreat find out their psychiatrist is not who they think he is.

Trick or Treats A girl babytting a boy on Halloween night is beeged by the boy's father, who has escaped from the asylum.


Unhinged Three college girls take shelter in an old house with an old couple living in it. However, the couple have a dark secret...


Viting Hours A psychotic misogynist attacks a women's-rights activist which sends her to the hospital. He goes to the hospital and tries to kill her and anyone else in his path.


Whodunit A movie crew is shooting a film on an island. However, a murderer begins picking off the cast and crew, one by one.




And that was 1982, one of the biggest years for slasher films. But three years is a long time; how long can it remain this strong? Stay tuned.
ObscureCinema101 Sunday 8/07/2011 at 01:40 AM | 80161
lent Rage A man made superhuman by science goes on a killing spree and must be stopped by Chuck Norris.

I cannot believe this film is real! If they re-released this in cinemas it would be a box office smash!
joshk1986 Sunday 8/07/2011 at 05:24 AM | 80173
We Should petition for it, just to be safe.
DeadMou$e5 Sunday 8/07/2011 at 02:03 PM | 80181
Ah yes, 1982 a fine year for slasher flicks. I especially like Pieces, Slumber Party Massacre and the ever so terrible (but hey that's why we love 'em right?) Honeymoon Horror. I have the original VHS tapes to all three, including the original presng of "Slumber Party's" mucal score on vinyl :)
buried13 Sunday 8/07/2011 at 02:54 PM | 80182