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Gunnar Hansen's Leatherface Returning To The Big Screen?More TCM 3D News

At Summer Fears in Tatamagouche,Gunnar Hansen,the orginal Leatherface,gave us some awesome news about the upcoming installment of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series,"Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D".He stated " true sequel to the original 'Chainsaw.The opening of the movie is the last scene of the original movie. So it starts right at the beginning.He continued to say"In fact, they're ung some of the footage of Leatherface - of me - dancing at the beginning.

the opening shot I think.".So Gunnar Hansen's Leatherface returning onto the big screen!The movie is currently filming under director,John Luessenhop and stars Alexandra Daddario,Sara Paxton,Bill Moseley,Dan Yeager,Trey Songz,Tania Raymonde,Keram Malicki-Sanchez,Shaun pos,Thom Barry,Paul Rae and Scott Eastwood and is set for release October 5,2012.
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