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A-Z Complete Guide to 1980s Slasher Movies: 1983

After an incredibly strong period from 1980-1982, the slasher sub-genre was showing gns of waning. The slashers were still making money, but who wanted to pay to see something almost identical to something they saw last week? Despite that aspect, some really good slashers came out in this certain year. While the list is neither as long nor as impresve as 1981-82, some now-clasc slashers were released, so the whole year didn't go to waste...

The A-Z Slasher Guide to 1983


10 to Midnight A cop catches a killer who stabs women while naked. To make sure he gets the chair, the cop plants evidence on him. However, he is found out and the killer is set free. To get revenge, the killer goes after the cop's daughter.


American Nightmare A man sporting a green beret is killing prostitutes while one of the prostitutes' brother attempts to find her. 300px-AMERICAN_NIGHTMARE.jpg


A Blade in the Dark A killer stalks a composer writing the score for a horror film. The composer discovers the key to the killer's identity lies somewhere within the film he's scoring.

Blodaren An all-girl rock band's bus breaks down in Sweden, and they are soon picked off one by one by "The Bleeder."


City of Blood A tribal witch doctor comes back to life and starts killing prostitutes.

Curtains x actresses go up to a director's house in the middle of winter to audition for a part in the director's next production. However, a killer sporting an old hag mask is offing them.


Deadly Lessons A maniac is killing women at an excluve girls' school.

Disconnected Two twins befriend the mysterious Franklin and are soon surrounded by gruesome murders. Is Franklin the culprit?

Double Exposure A photographer has dreams where he kills the models he shoots. He then finds out someone is actually killing the models in the same way as in his dreams. Could he be the killer?



The Final Terror A psychotic backwoods woman kills anyone who comes on her property.



The House of the Yellow Carpet After they sell an old yellow carpet, they are caught up in strange events.

The House on Sorority Row After they kill their housemother and throw her into the old pool, a group of sorority sters are killed off one by one on the night of the big party. Has the murdered woman returned from the grave to seek vengeance?



Julie Darling A teenage girl plots to kill her stepmother and brother.



The Last Night Two psychos escape from a prison and sneak into a theater where the play "Murder in the Dark" is giving its last performance." class="photoborder" />


Mortuary After her father's "accidental" death in a swimming pool, a girl begins to notice a hooded figure stalking her.


A Night to Dismember A woman is released from a mental facility and soon, dismembered bodies start showing up.

Night Warning A woman won't let anyone get between her and her nephew and is willing to kill to keep him with her.



Psycho II Norman Bates has been released from the institution and goes back to running his motel, as well as working at a diner. However, Mother starts killing people again...




Scalps A college student is possessed by the spirit of an Indian and begins to slaughter all of his friends.

Screamtime An anthology of three short stories: hat's the Way to Do It, Dreamhouse, and Do You Believe in Fairies?

Skullduggery A man named Adam succumbs to a curse put on his family and goes on a killing spree.

Sledgehammer A killer is murdering teenagers with a sledgehammer.

Sleepaway Camp At a summer camp, anyone who picks on Angela is brutally murdered. All is revealed in the shocking twist ending.

Sweet xteen When Melissa moves to a new town, she discovers that anyone she dates is murdered.








As you can see, when compared to the lists from 1981-82, 1983 was a little bit of a downer for slasher fans. Stay tuned for next time when the slasher fad almost flat-lines.
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