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The Ruins' Star Laura Ramsey Set To "Glimmer"

Laura Ramesey,who starred in "The Ruins",had been added to George Bessudo's"Glimmer".The movie also features Shawn Roberts(X-Men) and Amy Smart (Mirrors).

Plot:"When 16 year old Annie Tuttle takes a walk at her lake front home she spots a young girl standing on the ice covered lake. As Lucy falls through the ice Annie hurries to rescue her, and sees a figure at the center of the lake; the figure seems to shimmer and disappear before her eyes.

Nine years later Annie is happily married to Jack Cole. Annie gets a letter which reads: “It’s going to kill you. Come alone”. The letter leads her to the Granger Institute and Lucy Talbot - the girl from the lake. Lucy explains that the GLIMMER will never let her live.

Outde, Annie meets up with Gabe, the local deputy and a former boyfriend. In Lucy’s room, Annie and Gabe discover two pictures and a page torn from a book dating back to 1698; in them, the figure of Eldridge Peck appears; a man executed for being a witch. Meanwhile, Annie has discovered a link between the Peck family and her husband Jack.

Annie must race against time to save herself and her unborn child from the GLIMMER."

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