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HorrorBid Exclusive: One On One With Stunning Scream Queen Brooke Lewis!

There’s more to Brooke Lewis than phycal perfection. This woman is ambitious, intelligent, well spoken, and one of today’s surging Scream Queens. She’s also gracious, and appreciative of her fans, for which, we here at HorrorBid are quite thankful.

It’s been a few years nce Brooke and I had the chance to really discuss her career course and blossoming endeavors, so it was a privilege to squeeze some fresh info from the hungry young starlet.

If you’ve somehow missed the magic that Brooke brings to the screen, you’ve been deprived of sound profesonal exhibits and jaw dropping beauty. Now may be a good time to hunt down a few of Brooke’s more popular titles. This year’s Dahmer vs Gacy is a worthwhile picture, as is the well embraced iMurders.

Hardcore followers are certainly anticipating a wide release of the forthcoming Slime City Massacre. You won’t need to wait much longer, Brooke gives readers a heads-up on some Slime City release info, and while it isn’t the greatest news for everyone statede, there are fans out there who stand to win!

Check out this brief Q&A Brooke and I conducted, as well as some pictures that are sure to make your blood boil!t to have been surrounded by such huge names in the industry like Tony Todd, William Forsythe, Billy Dee Williams and Gabrielle Anwar that it helped to elevate my career to a higher level. SLIME CITY MASSACRE was such an incredible opportunity for me, as I got to act in a cult clac horror/scifi sequal, win some true-blue horror fans, have a limited theatrical release and win the B Movie Golden Cob Award 2010 for Best Scream Queen of 2009! THE NATRA CLUB is a mobster drama that got a huge release this year, as well, and I've gotten great reviews. And, last, but not least, I have to mention SPRINKLES, in which I am the most proud of my acting work ever! Although a short, one of the most intense roles I have gotten to play and have been receiving a lot of attention on the festival circuit and I am honored to announce that last week I won the Action On Film Write Brothers Award Of Excellence for my work in SPRINKLES! I have been truly blessed!

HB: I understand you have a good zed handful of films on your plate. I assume at least a few are horror oriented; can you share a little information with us about your upcoming genre projects?

BL: To answer honestly, I don't have much on my plate at the moment, so if anyone has any juicy roles to offer me...bring it!!! :) My life right now is really about my Ms. Vampy brand and producing VAMP IT OUT. The last few years have been rough for indie filmmakers and the economy has definitely hurt the mid-level indie films. I am "attached" to 9 indie horror and scifi pictures and have no idea when they will complete all their financing, so every one of them has been pushed. I have been looking forward to shooting ROOM AND BOARD oppote Tippi Hedren and Burt Reynolds and MONDO HOLOCAUSTO! with James Duval and Felissa Rose. I did recently gn on to play the female lead in one of the most incredible "ghost story" scripts I've ever read, but I am not allowed to reveal the title, cast or company yet, so stay tuned!

HB: You've become one of the most recognized contemporary Scream Queens. How do you feel about that, and does it affect your attitude and personality in any way?

BL: Matt, thank you so much for saying that! There are so many amazing and sexy "Scream Queens" working in the genre that I hardly think of myself that way! But, it would make me really happy, if it were true :) I really love the title of Scream Queen. I have always felt like it is a sexy, powerful actress working in the horror genre. I don't know if being "recognized" has affected my attitude and personality, as much as experience in the buness has. I think with each project, I have just gotten clearer and clearer as to what I choose, want, need and will accept both profesonally and personally. I really believe in moving forward and setting the bar higher and higher...that is the only way to grow! If it doesn't feel right in my gut or soul, I cannot do it. I know immediately if I want to do a film, while reading the script or meeting with a director. I just choose wisely these days and pass on a lotta stuff. I think I get less work and offers than a lot of other horror actresses, because of my boundaries, but I have to stay true to me in the end. Oh, and, let's not forget that my pay rates went up and I LOVE LOVE LOVE all my fans and fan mail!!! :)

HB: Okay, let's say you've got only one picture to promote right now: What would that film be?

BL: SLIME CITY MASSACRE, Baby! CONGRATS to Greg Lamberson and our slimylicious cast and crew for our new media digital limited theatrical release throughout the US and Canada coming in October!!!

HB: And finally, I always have to ask: Anything you'd like to say to your fans out there?

BL: Please support the DREAD CENTRAL HORROR STARLETS BOWLING FOR BOOBIES 2011 Team to help us raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer!

And, THANK YOU to all the fans who have supported my work, films, Ms. Vampy and me ! I get to do what I love because of YOU!!! THANK YOU to Matt and Horror Bid...knock em' "dead"! Keep up with all things Brooke Lewis by viting:, and follow her @!/pages/THE-OFFICIAL-BROOKE-LEWIS-FAN-PAGE/337389067701 or!/BrookeLewisLA
Matt_Molgaard Wednesday 8/10/2011 at 06:40 AM | 80372
WOW!!! Matt, what an incredible, flattering and honorable article!!! :) I am very touched by what you wrote! I am sooooo far from perfection, but you made my week :) You ROCK hon! I loved it! You are welcome to write about me anytime :) THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Love & Horror, XO Brooke Lewis
Brooke Lewis Wednesday 8/10/2011 at 02:19 PM | 80381
WOW!!! Matt, what an incredible, flattering and honorable article!!! :) I am very touched by what you wrote I am sooooo far from perfection, but you made my week :) You ROCK hon! I loved it! You are welcome to write about me anytime :) THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Love & Horror, XO Brooke Lewis

dont kid yourself :)
Matt_Molgaard Thursday 8/11/2011 at 06:11 PM | 80446