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Cheerleaders Must Die! Will Splatter Screens With Your Help! (Full Details Inside)

Zeke Pinheiro is the kind of guy you want to see win. Polite, profesonal, and hungry to bring quality film to the fans, Zeke has set out to create a new slasher to satiate the horror communities thirst for beautiful babes, blood and plenty of guts.

The plan is rather mple: draw enough capital to finalize the proming shocker, The Cheerleaders Must Die!

As is the case with many young filmmakers, funding has been a bit of an issue. However, with a low target donation goal of just $7000, Mr. Pinheiro’s objective is well within reach. And after you’ve read the film’s synops, you may well find yourself eager to lend a buck to what sounds like an enjoyable throwback flick in the vein of such clascs as Friday the 13th, The Burning and The House on Sorority Row.

Check out the official synops below, followed by an in depth explanation of exactly where your hard earned dollars will head should you choose to support this production.


The cheerleaders of Armadillo High party hard and cheer harder but when new girl, Tammi, and the squad go to cheer camp they are hunted down one by one by a sadistic maniac with a ngle minded purpose... THE CHEERLEADERS MUST DIE!From the official press release:

The Kickstarter Campaign:

The production is currently utilizing crowd source financing via (vit the official TCMD kickstarter page at to maintain momentum in pre-production as final production funds are secured. We have a funding goal of $7000.00.

Reaching the goal of $7,000 dollars will...


Hire a casting director who believes in the project and wants to fill out the cast with some truly talented individuals. There is no greater special effect than a believable performance. "I wrote these roles for actors, not models. It's important to me that the audience genuinely likes these characters and won't want to see them perish. Getting solid actors into these roles will go a long way toward achieving that as well as further enticing investors to open their wallets." - Zeke Pinheiro, Director

B. Hire a story board artist which will help to ensure a better picture. Once the story boards are completed, this will be used in tandem with a recording of a table read to build the movie in pre-visualization. This way the production team and interested financial parties can see the film, essentially, put together. This is a cost effective way to spot any weaknesses in the film and correct them before the first frame is shot. Pixar does something milar and you would be hard pressed to argue with their track record.

C. Motivate the audience for this film. Having fans become a part of this project by offering their support, whether it be spiritually, by spreading the word of our campaign, or financially, by donating, will show investors that people are hungry for this brand of horror film.

The blueprint is on full display, and this crew sounds like they know exactly what needs to be accomplished, how to do so, and exactly what must occur to turn mere goals into fruitful progreson.

Stay tuned to in the following days, as we'll be premiering concept art and video, as well as a closer look at the entire Cheerleaders Must Die! crew.

In the meantime be sure to vit the official webte at before heading over to to make your donation!
Matt_Molgaard Friday 8/12/2011 at 02:18 AM | 80489
That poster is rad!! Hopefully we can help the guys raise some funds so this flick can see the light of day.
Anonymous Friday 8/12/2011 at 02:42 AM | 80492
That poster is rad!! Hopefully we can help the guys raise some funds so this flick can see the light of day.

absolutely - I'll be in close contact with Zeke over the next few days - we'll be dropping some really cool gems for the film, and I hope it helps!!
Matt_Molgaard Friday 8/12/2011 at 02:45 AM | 80493