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Introducing Surging Special FX Maestro, David Ainsworth!

It’s time to introduce the Horrorbid community to a ring figure in the world of cinematic grotesqueries.

David Ainsworth is a friend of mine who’s invested years into honing his talents as an artist, sculptor, and special FX practitioner. He first cut his teeth as a child, crafting purely amateur works, drawing inspiration from comic books, painters, pre-production artists and of course, a handful of legendary special effects icons.

These days, Dave’s running the popular, Alchemy FX studio out of Sacramento, California (the only FX shop in California’s capitol, may I add), and he’s certainly suffering no lack of commisoned work. In fact, Dave’s handled special effects for a respectable amount of projects, including numerous indie releases such as Monster from Bikini Beach, Love Blade and Lady M; to name a few.

But Mr. Ainsworth doesn’t limit himself to just full length features. In the past he’s showcased some wonderful art for the now defunct, Club Gnaw, and handles special effects for muc videos as well. In fact, you can actually check out some fun campy practical effects in the (fun, campy) video below, in which Dave and I worked de by de (that’s my kooky little muc, the bloodshed, well, it’s obvious who’s making that happen!) bringing this grindhouseesque vion to life with the help of director Jason Rudy.

All that said I may not have even skimmed the man’s greatest strengths: creating prosthetics and masks. You’ll be amazed by some of the repugnant (I mean that as a huge compliment, as I feed on the unghtly) sculptures this phenom is creating. They’re detailed, they’re dark, and in all honesty, they’re downright terrifying.

Dave and I have gone back and forth discusng his works, and if I can lean hard enough, the man may just cut loose with some of his amazing creations. And we’re not necessarily talking mass-produced prints, masks or films, we’re talking potential one-of-a-kind works; the kind of collectible memorabilia that any hardcore horror collector absolutely must have (and may kill out Dave)!

Whether we here at horrorbid will be fortunate enough to offer you fanatics a chance to grab original collectibles remains to be seen, but I’ll definitely be further encouraging Dave to part with some of his masterpieces, so keep an eye out, as you may see the opportunity arise to get your hands on something that no other collector in the world has. Now that’s an idea to salivate over!

Stay tuned, as Dave and I will be pinning down a date in the next week or two to run a video walk-through of his workshop. You’ll be afforded the chance to see some wild creations, some redent gems and even hear from the man himself (I’m determined to nab a video interview, whether he’s aware of it yet or not!).Be sure to swing by the Alchemy FX Studios webte, where you can learn a bit more about Dave, and check out an impresve load of images and examples of his creations.
Matt_Molgaard Saturday 8/13/2011 at 07:03 PM | 80572
From the pictures, he looks like he could be the next horror FX icon. I must check out this "Monster from Bikini Beach".
ObscureCinema101 Sunday 8/14/2011 at 01:38 AM | 80598
From the pictures, he looks like he could be the next horror FX icon. I must check out this "Monster from Bikini Beach".

he's extremely talented, and has a REALLY bright future.

Check out the video we all made, it's hilariously over the top grindhouse style stuff - but Dave keeps the blood squirting! lol
Matt_Molgaard Sunday 8/14/2011 at 01:52 AM | 80599