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All Hail to HorrorBid's Favorite Scream Queen, Ms. Danielle Harris!

We've harped on it before but we officially crown our favorite scream queen! According to Wikipedia a scream queen is an actress who has become associated with horror films, either through an appearance in a notable entry as a frequent victim or through constant appearances as the protagonist. Who could wear the heavy crown of such a broad definition? To be the Queen her majesty must embrace all expectations. Well, we think we’ve found her and after a life time career of horror, All Hail Danielle Harris!

The scream queen. Well, we all know she has to at least have a set of lungs on her but what else? Multiple rolls in horror films is a must and a little skin, nudity or sex is a plus. Oh, and she’s got to be drop dead gorgeous to boot! She can fall victim to countless deaths or stand victorious before the credits roll. However, there’s still something misng. What makes Danielle stand out above others like Sarah Michelle Gellar, Neve Campbell, Shawnee Smith, Heather Langencamp or Scout Taylor Compton? We think we have a sound argument proving Harris worthy of the crown.

With plenty of acting under her belt, an appreciation of the genre, and a smok’n hot bod Danielle Harris reins supreme as horror’s scream queen. However, it’s been a long journey to the top for Ms. Harris, one that spans back to her eighties childhood. Ironically, Danielle may have been destined for the crown when at age 10 she played Laurie Strode’s daughter, Jamie Loyd, in Halloween 4 and then reprised the roll in H5. The franchise in which Jamie Lee Curtis revived the scream queen title would be the same with Harris but only years later. She wouldn’t appear in horror again until surfacing briefly in ‘98’s Urban Legends. Then not quite a decade later Danielle reappeared in Rob Zombie’s remake of Halloween reconnecting with not only with her horror roots but with the franchise that started it all. Coming full circle marked the day when heads began to turn but she wasn’t the queen yet.

So where was Danielle during those extenve absences from horror? I can tell you that she wasn’t tting by the phone. From rolls in films like City Slickers, The Last Boy Scout, Free Willy and Daylight to TV shows such as ER, Roseanne, The Commish, and The West Wing, Harris was keeping very busy. However, after starring as Annie Brackett in Halloween (2007) Danielle was officially on the campaign trail chang the title of horror’s first lady.

Returning to the genre would ensure her place among the scream queens of horror’s past. Harris would return for Halloween 2 and continue her horror trend in films like Blood Night, The Black Waters of Echo’s Pond, Godkiller, Cyrus, Burying the Ex, ders Must Die!, Stake land and Left for Dead. In 2008 she also went on to star in and direct a segment of Prank. Most recently she has scored rolls in Night of the Living Dead: Origins and Hatchet 2. Seems Danielle has been making the horror rounds following in the footsteps of her scream queen predecessors.

Still, Harris has embraced the genre by making it a way of life. She not only understands horror but knows what the fans want. When talking about Halloween 4, Danielle was quoted saying, "It was my first movie, so as more excited about that - just being an actress, never mind being in a horror movie. At that time, I wasn't even a horror movie fan. I did "Halloween 4" and "Halloween 5" (1989) back to back, and I decided that horror movies were all I wanted to do for the rest of my life. It was going to be my thing". She wasn’t kidding. Harris, ung the name “HalloweenGal”, has recently been conducting dozens of YouTube video interviews with other horror celebrities. Following suit she constantly keeps up with her fans through multitudes of social networking. This connection with fans and admirers sets a new standard in the scream queen legacy. It’s one thing for an actor/actress to play multiple rolls in a genre but when they embrace it in their day to day life it becomes not just a commitment of one’s profesonal career to horror but a pason for it. A pason all horror fans share. Her majesty not only understands her subjects but knows they’re needs. Now that is a woman who can stand toe to toe with the best of them who’s fearless to look the horror baddies in the eye, willing to use her body and beauty to entrance us and able to play the damsel in distress all for the sake of horror!

Danielle Harris is more than worthy to be our queen. She’s a woman who we can respect, dere and relate to . . . our ideal horror babe. Danielle Harris us currently behind the camera directing her first full-length feature film, Among Friends. I truly hope this is only the beginning and that her rein will span many years.
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def my queen :)
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