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NSFW - If You Love Exploitation, Check Out These 5 "Torture Porn" Flicks!

The term “Torture Porn” can be interpreted in many different fashions. I myself conder the term indicative of a feature that equates death scenes with the almighty “money shot” delivered by pornographic films. The TP sub-genre also mirrors adult films in the fact that neither tend to offer much of a story, rather than mindless filler to usher viewers along until the next big death scene, or ejaculation.

That’s only my personal stance on torture porn, and I can understand slightly different takes on the subject; I.E.: brutal torture sequences with a hint of sexually explicit content. Regardless of what your personal idea of torture porn is, it’s always been a relatively easy feat in identifying what the general consumer might conder torture porn.

While I can enjoy flicks like Saw and Hostel, I wanted to speak on a few films that didn’t necessarily garner the attention to warrant numerous sequels. In a few cases that’s certainly a good thing. However, I wouldn’t mind seeing a sequel to one or two of these pictures, and in all honesty, I'm not even a fan of the sub-genre!

5. I Spit On Your Grave: I’m picking the 2010 remake in this instance, as I feel it’s as vile as the original, without carrying such a strong sense of male chauvinism. Meir Zarchi’s original telling was effective, but mindless all the same, resulting in what feels more a display of hatred for women than a study in savage revenge. The reboot offers up plenty of disturbing sequences, and while the original had some impacting visuals, they lacked the vivid nature of those captured in the updated tale. This isn’t a terrific film by any means, but it’s a modern torture fest that merits a viewing or two.

4. Turistas: The story here is so recycled it’s nauseating; oblivious tourists find themselves in the center of a sadistic surgeon’s sacred place of torment. Fortunately for fans of gore, the visuals are disturbing (especially for a film that earned a wide release), in fact, one can ealy argue that the grizzly visuals in this feature far outshine (I’m not sure that’s the best wording!) those offered by the far more popular Hostel, which clearly served as inspiration for Turistas. This one is actually quite enjoyable, and despite being panned by critics, it offers some endearing qualities including some solid work from Josh Duhamel and Melissa George.

3. Morituris: After all the controversy this film has sparked, I found it mandatory to do everything in my power to track down a screener of the film. I can honestly say that, while the film is despicable on many levels, it’s not quite the shitheap I anticipated. The story is unforgiving, and it certainly feels as though director Raffaele Picchio holds some form of personal disdain for women. Having said that, the violence is quite effective, the effects work is solid and believe it or not, it does manage to really pull at the viewer. It’s easy to loathe damn near every character we meet, but there are also a few memorable players in tow. This certainly isn’t a good picture; it is however worthy of watching, if for no other reason than to determine how accurate you personally feel early reviews really are.

2. Audition: This gem from prolific Japanese filmmaker, Takashi Miike is superb, and should ealy be condered the finest film to grace this list. Though the picture starts slow, it ends with a bang. If you happen to really enjoy the inner workings of screen characters, you likely won’t be too disappointed with the leisurely pace of the first two acts as they serve to deliver viewers plenty of development. The finale on the other hand, is all about visceral madness and trademark savagery for Miike; this is one of the most disturbing climax’ to find its way to film in recent memory. While Asami’s torture filled onslaught is a bit unsettling to watch, I must confess: I’ve seen much more graphic material on film.

1. Tumbling Doll of Flesh: Speaking of graphic material, this one has it. It also, in a sense completely lives up to the term torture porn, as this one is stuffed with both hardcore pornography, and some startlingly realistic gore that is likely to cause some rumblings in the belly. This one is tough to find, and the veron that I happened to track down lacks English subtitles, so I can’t lie to you: I don’t know all the details to this story. From the visual elements of the film, I’m not sure there’s much story to worry about. Watch for some highly unnerving shit to unfold before your eyes; it all begins with some hardcore oral and vaginal intercourse. It only heads downhill from there. Limbs are chopped, tongues fileted, intestines sexually ravaged. It’s all so outlandish that it’s a) hard to watch, and b) so insanely out there that it’s (strangely) humorous in a sense. Of course it’s repulve, that should go without saying. While Tumbling Doll of Flesh is a bona fide piece of shit, it’s worth seeing just to get a feel for what true torture porn can be!
Matt_Molgaard Thursday 9/01/2011 at 06:52 AM | 82000
Man I hadn't even heard of Tumbling Doll of Flesh but even that picture is flat out disgusting!

Looks like I'm in for a new 'tracking down a rare find' mison... :)
joshk1986 Thursday 9/01/2011 at 12:56 PM | 82014
As much as I love and respect Audition, it was TOO DAMN LONG. I get setting up the story but that two hour movie could have ealy been condensed into a 30 minute short film. Still good but long.
Ryze Thursday 9/01/2011 at 06:05 PM | 82022
Where do you think Lars von Trier's Antichrist falls?

I don't think it was meant to be torture porn, but damn, poor Willem Dafoe in that one!
KB24 Thursday 9/01/2011 at 10:44 PM | 82044
Where do you think Lars von Trier's Antichrist falls?

I don't think it was meant to be torture porn, but damn, poor Willem Dafoe in that one

you know what, to be honest - I turned it on, was blown away by the penetration scene, figured the film may hold some serious promise...then fell asleep within 25 minutes of turning it on haha - i need to check it out in it's entirety.
Matt_Molgaard Friday 9/02/2011 at 01:03 AM | 82056
It is weird and not traditionally arranged for sure and I don't know about some of the statements LVT i trying to make, but yeah, even if it isn't meant to be true horror, I was cringing towards the end! Last film that really did that to me was Shivers.

Antichrist – Director Lars von Trier’s 2009 disturbing and controveral family horror drama opens with a bizarre and unique sex scene/baby death montage and gets weirder from there.

Only Willem Dafoe (Platoon) can make dead babies seem so casual- and I say that in a good way!

Although von Trier’s distorted cutting, angled filming, and scribbled chapter plates may be jarring to some, these visual cues akin perfectly to the unreliable feelings of distortion and downward spiral that such grievous loss can bring.

Cannes Best Actress winner Charlotte Gainesburg (I’m Not There) is a little annoying as well, but then again obviously understandable as a mother who was shebanging when she should have been looking after her child.

The altered perception of time, responbility, and indifference bounces between the leads nicely as we progress towards plenty of violent sex, mental scares, and kinky creepy.

It’s all a little uppity condering the dirty subject matter, and certain audiences will definitely be alienated by the material-but the performances here win against the saucier distrubia. Put the kids to bed for this one.

http://ithinkthereforeireview.blogspot. ... wfest.html
KB24 Friday 9/02/2011 at 01:48 AM | 82059