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A-Z Complete Guide to 1980s Slasher Movies: 1984

Yes, I know it has been an incredibly long time nce I did one of these, but now, I hope to publish them more often than I did in hopes for redemption. Anyway, by 1984, the slasher was taking its dying breaths as it slowly sank into oblivion. As a stated before, there were no original ideas anymore, and who wanted to pay to see something that was almost identical to something they saw last week? Well, I would, but most people did not. While some good ones did come out during this time period, even they couldn't save 1984 from being one of the worst years for the slasher film in the 1980s.

The A-Z Slasher Guide to 1984


The Dark de of Midnight A killer known as The Creeper stalks a small town.

Don't Open Till Christmas A masked killer is murdering anyone wearing a Santa suit in London.


Evil Judgment A girl begins investigating a local serial killer after the police do not catch him/her.


Fatal Games A madman begins offing the members of an athletic school ung a javelin.

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter Jason returns to Camp Crystal Lake to kill more teenagers, but he may have met his match in young Tommy Jarvis.


Girls Nite Out A killer wearing a bear outfit stalks a college campus and kills any girl he/she thinks is a whore.


The Initiation A group of college kids have to sleep in a mall after clong hours as part of their initiation. However, someone begins killing them.


Movie House Massacre A theater where a series of murders took place is reopened, and history begins to repeat itself.

Murder Rock The owner of a ballet school teams up with a male model to catch whoever is killing students at the ballet school in this Lucio Fulci forgotten film.


Next of Kin In a rest home, a young woman reads her mother's diary, and pretty soon, events talked about in the diary begin happening to the woman.

A Nightmare on Elm Street I don't have to explain the plot of this one, do I?


The Prey x friends go camping and are killed by a backwoods psychopath.


Rocktober Blood A rocker returns from the dead to kill members of his band." class="photoborder" />


Satan's Blade A person possessed by the spirit of an ancient mountain man terrorizes a ski resort.

Scream for Help A teenage girl discovers that her stepfather is attempting to murder her and her mother, but no one believes her.

lent Madness A maniac is released from a mental hospital and begins killing members of a sorority.

lent Night, Deadly Night A man, who witnessed a man in a Santa suit kill his parents as a child, begins killing anyone he feels is naughty while wearing a Santa suit.

Splatter Univerty A killer stalks a college campus.


They're Playing with Fire A female college professor seduces a student, but the two have to contend with the professor's corrupt husband and a masked killer." class="photoborder" />

The slasher film was still having a rough year, but is there any hope for a doomed sub-genre? Wait and see...
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