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'Red State' and 'Love Crime' Arrive On Demand!

On Demand lovers should find reason to once again rejoice. This weekend the VOD provider, debuted two new horror flicks, and given the buzz surrounding each film, fans have legitimate reason to dip into their pocket books in order to tack a few more buck onto their cable bill.

After countless months of teasers, still pics, fan-made poster submisons and excluve clips, Kevin Smith’s debut horror effort, Red State is available to screen from the comfort of your very own home.

The story focuses on a group of horny youngsters who find themselves in the grasp of an extremely unstable group of fundamentalists who happen to have some ominous plans for this group of naïve fools.

The film’s received plenty of mixed reviews, and now you can finally formulate your own opinion by tuning into On Demand; the rental rate is a tolerable $9.99.Sundance Selects is now offering an advance look at Alain Corneau’s latest French chiller, Love Crime.

The picture is said to lean on suspense more than visceral gore or shocks, and many critics have likened the stylistic imagery and well refined tale to early Alfred Hitchcock works.

The story focuses on two women who weave through a web of manipulation that ultimately sets the stage for a dangerous showdown.

Check out, Love Crime for just $6.99 now!
Matt_Molgaard Sunday 9/04/2011 at 04:55 PM | 82148