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Ron Perlman's Top 5 Horror Pics!

The fact that Ron Perlman can portray a big sentive teddy bear, a protective father figure, and a deranged psychopath speaks testament to the man’s profesonal capabilities. That versatility also makes for one endearing persona.

While Ron’s just fine displaying his lighter de, he’s downright fantastic when embracing the dark de. Fortunately for us fans, the latter portion of his career has been dedicated to a whole lot of work in the horror genre. In fact, you’d invest a whole lot of time just tracking down every genre flick to feature the man, although it would indeed be time well invested.

Throughout his years as an onscreen performer, Ron’s offered us some incredible presentations, but there are a few that stand out in such fashion that they must be sought after, must be collected, and ultimately, must be viewed on multiple occaons. They’re just that damn good.

5. I Sell the Dead: This period flick that centers on a captured grave robber is a bit on the slow de, but the set pieces and atmosphere is wonderful. Perlman’s got some great company onscreen as he opposes the charming Dominic Monaghan; but it’s Perlman who captures the audience. Perlman’s character, Father Duffy is a seemingly sympathetic chap with a powerfully manipulative nature about him. He’s a master of patronizing, and Perlman revels in the role. A fantastic watch that moves on the strength of quality dialogue and fine character development, I Sell the Dead is one of Perlman’s finest!

4. Desperation: This Stephen King adaptation is surpringly faithful to its source content. As it happens, that source contained one mean, tough-as-nails man with a badge who wasn’t afraid to murder any lly ass in cold blood. Onscreen, that man was Ron Perlman. Believe me when I tell you, there is absolutely no man alive who could have pulled off the role of the insanely malicious Collie Entragian, except Ron Perlman.

3. Cronos: Cronos places third on this list because, despite his brilliance, Perlman gets a little lost in what is a mesmerizing tale crafted by the genius Guillermo del Toro. In all actuality this extremely distinctive take on the vampire mythos is probably my favorite film of the five featured. However, this is a piece dedicated more to Perlman than overall films themselves. Just the same, Ron plays up the lumbering Angel de la Guardia wonderfully. Whether you watch it for Ron, or for the enthralling piece it is, you’re winning!

2. Blade II: For some reason a lot of Blade fans choose to dismiss this entry (which just so happens to be directed by Guillermo del Toro), labeling it inferior to its predecessor. I wholeheartedly disagree. This is a kick ass action/horror hybrid that offers some nice special effects and some extremely memorable characters. One of those, Reinhardt, is of course handled by Mr. Perlman. And let me tell you, he makes for a vile, egotistical vampire that sticks in the memory. Plenty of well executed lines, displays of savagery and snakelike manipulations make this one of Ron’s finest, and most memorable roles to date.

1. The City of Lost Children: And the number one film on this list goes to The City of Lost Children, posbly one of the least viewed among these five features. This picture is so mind boggling beautiful that it’s at times hard to follow the story, you’re so amazed by the vivid imagery and wonderful color. Try to see beyond all the eye candy however, as Perlman does the role of One magnificent justice. If you question Ron’s ability to act outde of his comfort zone, this film will change your mind dramatically. A beautiful story of child abduction and subsequent heroism is not only anchored by the mindboggling atmosphere and engrosng visuals, but also by the one-in-a-million performance from Ron Perlman.
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