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'Burke & Hare', 'Saint' Land On Demand Courtesy of IFC Theaters

It’s another memorable week for cable subscribers and VOD faithful’s. Two highly anticipated features are now accesble, and in the case of Saint, it’s been far, far too long coming!

Burke & Hare is yet another rendition of the infamous West Port murders. If you’re behind the curve, the story focuses on two grave robbers who set out to make a fair living robbing the expired. Plenty of advance reviews indicate that mon Pegg and Andy Serkis miss the mark in this could-be comedy, though I’ve yet to screen the film and form my own opinion. For $6.99, it’s probably well worth the risk.

As for Saint, well, I’ve been anticipating this release for nearly a full year. Saint is a seasonal shocker out of the Netherlands, take me at my word: it looks amazing! Forget the jolly expotions; ole St. Nick is a mean bastard who loves to kill kids. Merry fuckin Christmas. With a $6.99 price tag attached, this is a near guaranteed winner, especially if you love a little horror in your holiday!
Matt_Molgaard Monday 9/12/2011 at 04:43 PM | 82507