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HorrorBid's 31 Days of Horror: Audition

We here at HorrorBid will be recommending one specific treasure for everyday of the month. The ultimate goal is mple; encourage the masses to seek out stellar films that fit the seasonal mold. While I’m certain plenty of our faithful readers will find some of these films predictable, or at the least familiar, we still feel as though a friendly reminder can go a long way towards renewed enjoyment.

On deck for October 1st, is the psychological shocker, Audition. Takashi Miike’s deeply disturbing character study explores a gamut of emotions, and does so with frightening effectiveness. Some view the film as a pathetic launch point for perverse old men; some see it as a subtle revenge film. I for one, view it for what it is: a tale based on a conceivable scenario that many a widower could likely relate too.

The gist of the picture is actually bare-bones: a man’s lost his wife, and he’s desperate to avoid spending his days as a lonely individual devoid of a love he once possessed. In an attempt to relocate misng romance, he aligns a series of auditions, from which he hopes to rediscover love. After picking the lovely Asami Yamazaki to be his new source of affection, all seems well; until that is, Asami unveils her true colors, and those colors happen to be a wide variety of deep reds. Some of the most brutal torture to be shot unfolds, and Ryo quickly discovers that perhaps love is best lost.

While the picture begins on the slow de, there’s fine character development to feast on in anticipation of the final act, in which both blood and limb fly freely. Trust in the fact that the wait is worth the reward.

Audition is still one of the most disturbing horror films to emerge from Japan, and while there aren’t any serious Halloween nods, the film is absolutely shocking. Give this one a viewing in the early evening hours, and as you trek to bed, head still swirling with the madness your eyes have taken in, be sure to take a long gander at your spouse, resting peacefully, and ask yourself: could she posbly be born of the same mold as Asami?
Matt_Molgaard Saturday 10/01/2011 at 05:44 PM | 83557
I actually do like this movie, but in my opinion it's too long. I would have preferred maybe an hour long short film than 2 hours of unnecessary footage. I would recommend it though so good choice for day number 1.
Ryze Saturday 10/01/2011 at 06:46 PM | 83559
If there's one thing foreign horror movie's have this day in age, it's creepy storytelling...I'll have to check this one out.
MOWDEReeL Saturday 10/01/2011 at 06:57 PM | 83560
Audition isn't for everyone. But for those who enjoy slow burning atmospheric horror, this one will pay off in full.

"kiri, kiri, kiri"

@Matt, i'm pumped you are doing this. Hopefully this will lead me to a handful of great horror i have yet to enjoy.
AgnesItsMeBilly Saturday 10/01/2011 at 10:20 PM | 83567