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The Weinsteins Working On SCREAM 5 Storyline?

We are all left with the uncertainty of whether SCREAM 5 will take place. In a recent interview with ARROW IN THE HEAD, it appears as if the Weinstein brothers are indeed trying to develop an idea for the 5th installment of the franchise.

"SCREAM 4 certainly was conceived as the first of a new trilogy. Kevin

sketched out a trilogy arc, that was the original concept. I’m sure the studio would like to do the rest of the trilogy, and it seems like the box office – the foreign sales – has justified doing another one. And then it’s a matter of a script that’s worthy of being the second installment.

From what I hear, that’s probably what Bob

is doing right now, trying to get to that second concept for a second film."

It is a very interesting read. To check out the full interview head over to AITH at this link: ... s-and-more" class="photoborder" />

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