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HorrorBid's 31 Days of Horror: The Last Man on Earth

We here at HorrorBid will be recommending one specific treasure for everyday of the month. The ultimate goal is mple; encourage the masses to seek out stellar films that fit the seasonal mold. While I’m certain plenty of our faithful readers will find some of these films predictable, or at the least familiar, we still feel as though a friendly reminder can go a long way towards renewed enjoyment.

On deck for October 3rd, is one of the most monumental horror offerings in existence: The Last Man on Earth. This film stands as a unique offering on so many levels it’s near unbelievable.

I’m not certain audiences of 1964 were yet able to appreciate the complex hybrid nature of the film, but now, nearly 50 years distanced, there’s genuine genius on display, and it’s ealy identifiable.

The quick gist of things actually mirrors the title. Vincent Price portrays Dr. Robert Morgan, the last man on earth. An airborne disease has swept the world, transforming your average Joe into a blood thirsty zombie. It seems Morgan is the only man to survive the madness (his immunity is explained in the film), and he spends his time dispong of bloodsuckers during daylight, while hiding in his home come evening, when the vamps come, eager to end the good docs human existence.

There is a whole lot to enjoy here. The emotions Price is forced to depict travel one end of the spectrum to the complete oppote, and it’s enjoyable to watch (sans a few stiff moments). The fact that there’s a strange fuon of vampire and zombie at work is also enjoyable. It’s not often you see vampires shambling around with near no control over their bodily motions; it makes for some golden comedy, albeit unintentional. I must also note the extended flashback scene endured by Morgan. The photography and direction are just so faithful to the time period (for obvious reasons) it’s imposble to not enjoy the golly-gee glee of the vintage setting.

Note: You can grab this flick in numerous vintage disc collections. You can also grab the DVD on ebay for virtually nothing.
Matt_Molgaard Monday 10/03/2011 at 04:25 PM | 83728
This is awesome. Can't wait to see all the other recommendations for the rest of the month.
Pinhead Monday 10/03/2011 at 05:45 PM | 83732