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HorrorBid's 31 Days of Horror: 30 Days of Night

We here at HorrorBid will be recommending one specific treasure for everyday of the month. The ultimate goal is mple; encourage the masses to seek out stellar films that fit the seasonal mold. While I’m certain plenty of our faithful readers will find some of these films predictable, or at the least familiar, we still feel as though a friendly reminder can go a long way towards renewed enjoyment.

On deck for October 8th, is the indious tale of tactical bloodsuckers, 30 Days of Night. If you’re a fan of fast paced, atmospheric, gore filled vampire films, this is an absolute must-see. The dread that emanates from the screen during this abysmal tale of survival is brilliant, and sadly, a genuine rarity in the industry today. I guess gratitude is owed to David Slade and Steve Niles for bringing this treasure to the screen.

The gist of the picture is typical, and not so, multaneously. Obviously we’re dealing with a horde of vampires anxious to drain as much blood as posble, on the oppote de of the coin, we’re looking at a completely different setup, as the terror takes place in Barrow, Alaska during the seasonal month of darkness. It’s up to the small town sheriff and his wife to not only survive, but prevent these monsters from decimating the entire town.

If you favor quality story telling fused with a bit of ultra-violence, this is unquestionably the film for

you. The character development on display is fantastic, and there are numerous personalities that are both relatable and memorable. No punches are pulled when it comes to the primitive trauma on display; throats are ripped out, bodies mutilated, and a few heads are severed (in a couple incredibly appealing scenes, might I add!).

In short, this is a film for the lover of the bleak. There’s quality story here, there are quality characters at play, and the gore stands head and shoulders above your typical horror offering; especially in terms of mainstream releases. This is hands down one of the finest vampire films to land in the lap of the public in a number of years; to miss it would be nothing short of foolish.
Matt_Molgaard Sunday 10/09/2011 at 03:01 AM | 84061