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HorrorBid's 31 Days of Horror: Alien

We here at HorrorBid will be recommending one specific treasure for everyday of the month. The ultimate goal is mple; encourage the masses to seek out stellar films that fit the seasonal mold. While I'm certain plenty of our faithful readers will find some of these films predictable, or at the least familiar, we still feel as though a friendly reminder can go a long way towards renewed enjoyment.

On deck for October 30th, is a film that has absolutely nothing to do with the holiday season, but it’s terrifying all the same, Ridley Scott’s monumental shocker, Alien. Confuse this not with James Cameron’s action packed sequel, which is arguably as good, though completely different in tone.

The gist: A crew responds to a mysterious SOS call, but once they land on the seemingly abandoned planet, they unleash hell, as one of the crew members brings back something quite hideous; a near indestructible alien. What could be worse you ask? This beast is intent on slaughtering every passenger aboard, and only extreme will and high intelligence will best this challenge.

Alien is one of the most frightening films in existence. Scott understands how to toy with human emotions, and he uses that strength to draw masve shocks from viewers in this instance. The creature effects are stellar, but half of this film is what lurks in the shadows; the hideousness you don’t see that really crawls under the skin. Superb character development leaves viewers attached to the cast at hand, and that makes it all the more disheartening to see them savagely slaughtered one by one.

Today, Alien is regarded as a clasc. A major portion of the accolades received are dished upon the effects crew, but tremendous respect must be issued to the late Dan O'Bannon and Ronald Shusett, who craft a story that exceeds frightening. If this one didn’t scare the shit out of you upon initial viewing, you are far, far too desentized; Alien is terrifying!
Matt_Molgaard Sunday 10/30/2011 at 08:28 PM | 86128